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Topography - Elements
Chios is one from the islands of South-East Aegean of southernly Lesvos and it abstains 153 naval miles from Piraeus. Has extent roughly 842 km2 and is the fifth in size Greek island afterwards the islands Crete, Evia, Rhodes and Lesvos. It is found in minimal distance by the coasts of Small Asia. The total length of her coasts exceeds the 200 km. Depends administratively with the islands Psaras and Oinoysses in the Prefecture Chios and abstains from Piraeus 153 naval miles (roughly 8 hours).

History - Archeology
According to the mythology the island took his name from Chios, the son of Neptune or Ocean. In the antiquity were named also Ofioysa, Aithali, Makris and Pityoysa.

Round 3000 bc, presented the first residents in Chios, Pelasgoi. Later, in the island were installed Achaioi, and in 1100 bc Iones. From then, Chios began regularly to progress also the 6th eg century it reached in the apex of her acne. Chiotes produced eminent wine and cultivated the epic poetry and the sculpture and ensured there living from the not free -trade.

It is as generally speaking acceptable that Omiros came from Chios and lived in it in 8th century bc.

493 bc, Chios surrender in Persians and was forced to fight in their side against the Greeks. At an early date it was released and by 478 bc it was included in the Athenian Alliance.

Chios was conquered in 1566 from their Turks. In 1821 with Samos it participated in the revolution, but the next time the Turks wanting to punish them so they slaughtered 85.000 individuals. This wild slaughter of Chios convulsed the common opinion of Europe and inspired artists as the writer Victor Hugo and the painter Eugene Delacroix. A powerful earthquake in 1881 left also a lot of victims and caused incalculable destructions. At the first Balkan War, in 1912, the Greek army occupied the island and included him in Greece.

Chios is the homeland of Adamantios Korais, Alexandros Mayrokordatoy, Neofytoy Bamba.

In Chios exists the temple of Saint Apostles that is small copy of New Abbey and is Byzantine monument. The temple was built in the means the 4th century and functions each year on 29 June, day of memory of Saints Petros and Pavlos.

Chios in Kaini Diathiki

Visited him the ap. Pavlos at his return by the third missionary travel, where it remained also for one day. That period it was under Romanic possession.

Chios today
Chios is an affluent island with dense vegetation and abundant waters. Her residents deal with the shipping - they are homeland of more Greek shipowners - the trade, the agriculture, the fishery and in the past few year with the tourism because it offers beautiful and clean beaches. From the most characteristic products of island it is the eminent gum Chios.

Best parts of island are Chios, Brontados, Bolissos, Mesta, Thymiana, Kardamyla.

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