Island of aperj'graptis beauty that carries away the visitor and him leaves alismo'nites impressions. Main characteristic of Skiathos the rich vegetation, the golden sandy beaches and the impressive coasts. Ideal island for walkers and la'trejs the nature. Luxurious hotels that htj'stikan in the coastal area of island contributed in the increase of movement of island, that from Summertime in Summertime becomes still more intense, with the tourists they worship litteraly the katapra'sjno this island of Northern Sporades. In all the length of lived area you will find ammoydere's beaches that him embrace the pines, that touch almost upon the sea. Skiathos is the island that describes in the short stories him the Papadjama'ntis, the house of which you will have the occasion to visit.


Beautiful and picturesque port and the capital of the island, Skiathos, inundated by tourists each summer. Despite the strong move, however, the main town has not lost the picturesque style. Amphitheatrically built houses with snow, hosts most residents of the island, a settlement and there is no other except in farmhouses scattered throughout the island. At the harbor entrance welcomes you Bourtzi, Venetian fortress ruins on the typical pine-clad island. Along the beach, but also in the narrow alleys, you will find many taverns, restaurants, ouzeri, bars and shops for shopping and entertainment you.

Bourtzi, which was once a fortress. It is a small green peninsula that separates the port of Skiathos in two. The earlier years was linked to the mainland by a narrow arm, which is covered by the sea when the waters seemed to inflate and then with a real island. Built during the first Venetian Giza from the brothers who captured the Skiathos in 1207. Kastelli and called the St. George because of the homonymous church was founded and probably the same time, and a St George was the protector of the Venetians. He was surrounded and had the whole battlements and embrasures. Bourtzi probably destroyed by the Venetians themselves, namely, by Francisco Morozini, at the same time (1660) and that gripped the Castle for a short time. From the battlements now dilapidated, the 1823 Greeks fought bravely to the Turks who tried to make landing on the island. Currently, the pine trees planted by Bourtzi save a few ruins of the walls. Also hosts a neoclassical building, as the old primary school, donated by Andreas Syngrou in 1906, which functions as a spiritual and conference center of the municipality. The Castle, which was the capital of the island in 1538 and was a refuge for the inhabitants in the years of Ottoman rule. It is built in inaccessible point, a naturally fortified site in the northwestern tip of Skiathos. Egkatelifthi in 1829, when residents began to settle in today's capital. Is perhaps the most valuable location of Skiathos, because of historical significance, but also the glory of the natural. This is a giant rock, "fytromeno" in the sea, with panoramic views and enough land, while fortification is more natural, rather than artificial. The houses of the Castle was built by side and most were small and dark. It is worth noting that the sea area of the Castle sank the submarine "Katsonis Lambros", in September 1943. Here you will see three churches, among the ruins: Christ, the castle with beautiful murals of 1695, Agia Marina and Aghios Nikolaos. We note that according to tradition, the churches over 20. The Castle know through his short stories in fine descriptions of Papadiamantis, which use it as the backdrop. It lies about 3 hours on foot from the city by boat and 1.5. Evangelistria of the Monastery, founded in 1797 by the monks Nyfona Chios and Grigorio Chatzistamati.
5 km away and you can go by bus of the municipality. Male monastery for the valuable contribution to the liberation struggle against the Turks for the rare and sacred objects and manuscripts which hosts the museum and library, as the silver Gospel of 1539, the letter of Gregory V in 1798 etc. intact and saved the catholic, Agioritiko Byzantine style. It is worth noting here that was constructed and blessed the first Greek flag with the white cross on a blue background, and here also attributed the oath of Liberty by Theodoros Kolokotronis, John Statha, and Papavlachava Nikotsara in September 1807.
The Monastery of Saint Charalambous, 2 km from Evangelistrias Monastery, which was renovated in 1822 with pictures and murals of 1809. Here, shortly before dying, came the novelist, Al. Mora'itidis, known by the name monk Andronicus.
The Monastery of Panagia Kounistras, of the 17th century, 7.5 km from Skiathos, in a wonderful way to endless pine forest and ravines with trees. The name Kounistra owed to the legend that says that the picture "aioreito", while according to other legends comes from the false name "Eikonistria" because it appeared there, or "Klonistria" because they found it klari. The Madonna Kounistra is the patron saint of Skiathos. The Monastery of Saint John, founded in 1726, 40 'from the Virgin Mary Kounistra. It is called "Hidden" because in the years of Turkish rule here operated secret school. The Church of the Three Hierarchs in the Skiathos, which is the metropolis (1864). We kept pictures of the churches and monasteries of the Castle. Remarkable is the part of the iconostasis of the church of Panagia Preklas. The Church of Panagia of the lake, built in 1858 in the position of the oldest inhabited city. Square has put the bust of Moraitidi. The home of Alexander Moraitidi, in place of today is built a three-storey building with an inscription that reminds But here was the home of the novelist. The Church of St. Nicholas with the clock and the windmill, which today has become a restaurant. It is worth the panoramic view of the city and the port and finally,
the Shipyard in Siferi the edge of the city, where you will see how building small boats.

We drink coffee in the traditional cafes, ouzo with a variety of graphics in taverns, fresh seafood restaurants. Ice cream or cake this afternoon at the port, or see a movie at the cinema, to come up for the night dancing and entertainment in bars and clubs. If you are in Skiathos in July do not miss the musical events organized under the Maritime week. Also, during the summer works of folk art exposure to municipal pavilion with the old household objects, traditional textiles, furniture. Yes, here you will find to buy local and homemade sweets. Ai eve of John revived the custom of klidona, while in September made the "Katsoneia", attended the prayer with the position that sank the submarine "Lambros Katsonis" Stephen and dropping water. Deserve to watch their popular equestrian events taking place untamable of St. George.
Important cultural events are the "Dream on the waves" in Bourtzi, which occur every two years by the Development League and Skiathos and last three months of summer. Within these events organized lectures, theater performances, film screenings, concerts. Deserves to get the detailed program of events, occurring in the Open at the Municipal Theater and Music Cafe in Bourtzi.

The beaches of Skiathos would say that is endless, (estimated at around 60). It is all beautiful, beautiful with crystal clear waters and clean beaches. Near the city, will go to the bathroom in Bourtzi. Of course, by boat or by road, you can go to most beaches on the island. The path to the elm - a small village with a beach, in Great Ammo, the Pear trees - one of the best beaches of the island, the Tzaneries - another bay with sand, the Kanapitsa - where there are hotels and rented rooms and the Domed equally beautiful beaches and beautiful tavernas. The Pears and Kanapitsa have excellent tourist infrastructure, while the second operates and diving school. The aragmena at the port of Skiathos boats can also take you to the Blue and Dark Cave in the northern part of the island, providing an exciting spectacle, in Lalaria, rotund impressive beach with white pebbles, the hole Stone, an impressive vertical eroded rock, the Castle, but also in Tsougkria, on the island with pristine sandy beach across from the Pears. In all western beaches schools operate marine skiing, jet - skiing and parachute. Travel agents organize tours with animals in Evaggelistria, while Skiathos is ideal for graphics peripatites on the paths. Also organized day trips to Skopelos and Alonissos.
As for hunting, you should contact the hunting Skiathos (tel. 0427 - 21,733).

Try local sausages and cheese pie with fresh tomato sauce.

Dense bus service linking the town of Skiathos with the magical beaches, as Koukounaries, and with a history of the Annunciation Monastery. Also, taxi take you to where you wish. On beaches you can also get daily tours with boats. Finally, there are a large number of rented cars and mopeds to enjoy the interior of the island, which is crossed by dasoskepasto and beautiful ravines.

Municipality 22233, First Aid 22,222, 21,111 police, 23,172 Tourist Police, Municipal Police 22,022, Tourist Information Office 23300, 22990 Club Rooms to Let, Dasonomeio 22,944, 22,011 ELTA, OTE 22,399, 22,135, 22,049 Taxi Station, 22615 National Bank, Commercial 22,628.

There are hotels and rented rooms - apartments.


Part well-known for the beach with the pines, where koykoynarje's they touch upon the sea. It southly-western abstains 12 km of Skiathos. Precisely behind the sea, is found the lake Strofylja' as mirror of light blue. Round the beach and the lake, a small forest from pany'bila trees, that offer generously shade and dew in the visitors. Right, the channel and small Marina for ships and baroka'jka give their own colour.


You will swim in the eminent sandy beach of Koykoynarjw'n, that is considered as one from better Greece. Westwards from the Koykoynarje's you will meet the beaches Banana, small Kra'ssa, Ase'lino, Saint Helen, for nudists and north in the exotic Mandra'kj. 1/4les is from equal pane'morfes, katapra'sjnes, clean with crystal waters. In the Koykoynarje's you can make also goyj'!nt se'rfjngk.

Exist hotels and rented rooms – apartments.
Functions camping.

With ferympw't from Volos in 3 hours. Dense itineraries the Summertime, thinly the Winter. Plirof.: Ljmenarhej'o Volos (0421) 38888, Agency Volos (0421) 31059,.25666,.31060,.23400,.34835, GREEK TELECOME 143. From Athens in Volos you will go with the KTEL Athens, Ljosj'wn 260, to 6 hours. Plirof.: KTEL aci'nas 8817186.
With ferympw't from the ¢gjo Konstantinos in 3 hours and 30 '. Dense itineraries the Summertime. Plirof.: Ljmenarhej'o of Saint Konstantinos 0253) 31759. Agency of Saint Konstantinos (0253) 31920,31989, GREEK TELECOME 143. In the ¢gjo Konstantinos from Athens you will go with the KTEL to 3 hours. Plirof.: KTEL aci'nas 8817186, Ljosj'wn 260.
With ferympw't from Thessalonica in 5 hours and 45 '. Dense itineraries the Summertime. Plirof.: Ljmenarhej'o Thessalonica (031) 531504-5, GREEK TELECOME 143. With dolphin from the ¢gjo Konstantinos, in 1 hour and 20 '. Dense itineraries the Summertime, thinly the Winter. Plirof.: Agency Piraeus 4280001.

With ferympw't from the ¢gjo Konstantinos exists connection the Summertime with Alo'nniso, Reef, Skiathos, Ky'mi Evia. With ferympw't by Volos, Skiathos is connected all the year with Alo'nniso, Reef. The Summertime for Thessalonica and ¢gjo Konstantinos.
With ferympw't from Thessalonica exists connection with Skyros, ¢ndro, Mykonos, Paros, Tino, Santorini and Heraklion Crete. Plirof.: Harbour Station Skiathos (0427) 22017.
With dolphin, Skiathos is connected all the year with Alo'nniso, Reef, Skyros, Evia, Thessaly, ¢gjo Konstantinos, Chalkidiki. Agency Skiathos (0427) 22018, 22033.

YOU WILL EAT Fresh fish.

Good music and spree.

Yfanta', "white", sweet of spoon with almonds, honey, oil and olives.

If you have ship you will tie up in the harbour of Skiathos where exists station of supply and in the Koykoynarje's. Plirof.: Harbour Station Skiathos (0427) 22107.

Skiathos at the proj!storjkoy's years was lived by their Pelasgoy's. Is not excluded however before their installation, the island it had been lived by their Ka'res, according to the Coykydj'di. Also, exists and the version had come Cretes. The Arhaj!ka' and Classic years it was lived by their Halkjdej's, that was J'wnes, that reached in Skiathos and founded their city in southly-eastern the harbour, above in the elevation. This city existed in all the duration Classic, Hellenistic and Byzantine Years up to the season where were created the medieval city, the Castle, in the northern department of island. Skiathos presents again in the historical limelight the period of Persjkw'n of Wars with the side of Athens, as member of Athenian Alliance, that 478 p.H. season had autonomy and democratic administration. Had that is to say Parliament, Church of Municipality and eponymous sovereign. The end of Peloponnisjakoy' of War him finds in the hands of Spartjatw'n and her regime becomes oligarchic. The 389 - 7 p.H., that was founded B Athenian Alliance, Skiathos becomes once again member, acquiring her autonomy and the democratic institutions, for 40 years. The 4th aj. p.H. it cut also her own currency. It finally took part in the enterprises at Philippos V' and, with his predominance it devolves to his sovereignty. Follows the rwmaj!ki' possession the 146 p.H., despite the make that Philippos ordered her destruction. Follows the Byzantine possession, therefore Skiathos suffered from the piratical raids and in 1204 was occupied by the brothers Mistletoe-zj, which gave in the residents a lot of privileges and built the Mpoy'rtzj. Then follows the Enetjki' possession up to 1538 and 1540 falls in the hands of Turks. However, it developed the shipbuilding and took part active in the Greek Revolution. The official release became 1830. After the release, in Skiathos revives the jstjofo'ros shipping, that dji'rkise up to 1930. Deserve it is marked that here were given birth two distinguished forms of Greek letters, Alexandros Mwraj!tj'dis and Alexandros Papadiamantis.

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