The Koufonisia consisting of the Lower and Upper Koufonissi and belonging to the cluster of small Eastern Cyclades. Geographically, found in the southeast of Naxos and Amorgos west of inextricably linked with their name and Keros is a small, uninhabited island, 15 square kilometers., But hosts important findings of the Cycladic civilization.
It lies between the Koufonissi Over the Schinoussa and Kero. It has an area of 4.3 km and t is virtually uninhabited, the only buildings that are found few summer homes. Feature attraction of the island is the church of the Virgin is the mole stands and is built on ancient ruins. In the small picturesque harbor of boats are tied only psarokaika and excursion boats, carrying visitors to the beautiful beaches of the island.

The Top Koufonissi is the smallest and most densely populated island of Cyclades. It has an area of 3.5 km and 366 former residents. Principal and exclusive occupation of the inhabitants is fishing which turns the island into a genuine fishing village, where visitors can enjoy a wealth of fresh fish and seafood. The Koufonissi also has one of the largest fleets of Greece, always proportional to its population.
Arriving on the island, white windmill that dominates the left of the harbor seems to welcome visitors, while spreads above the country, a model of Cycladic architecture. The heavenly beaches, almost sandy, completing the magical image of the island. The Koufonissi beginning to develop tourism in the last decade, so the natural beauty and traditional charm have been kept unchanged. These, combined with the excellent hospitality of the locals, but also the affordability of rented rooms and food, makes the island the ideal destination for the summer, and not only holidays.


It is two small islets: Above and Down Koyfoni'sj. The epicentre is On Koyfoni'sj, after Under he is deserted. On Koyfoni'sj it is also the harbour, it has few residents.

In On Koyfoni'sj function a discotheque and a bar with music, in the Palm. For this and it has the bigger tourist movement from all the islets.

Ideal beach for bathroom of is Parjanoy' in the harbour, the Porj' and the Palm. From here you can visit with caique Down Koyfoni'sj and Glaroni'-sj, with beaches of nudists.

The transport becomes with the legs, with naylwme'na caiques, or with rural instruments of local.

Community 71379, First Aids 71370, Police 71375, GREEK TELECOME 71492.

Exist rented rooms. Also, functions camping.

With ferympw't by Piraeus are executed itineraries all the year for Vibrated, Heraklions, Koyfoni'sja and Shojnoy'sa. You will make 10 with 15 hours. Plirof.: Limenarheio Piraeus 4226000, Agency Piraeus 4124800,.4179822 GREEK TELECOME 143. With speedboat from Piraeus, are executed dense itineraries the Summertime and more thinly the Winter. For Vibrating in 7 hours, Heraklions 4 hour and 15min, Koyfoni'sja in 4 hours and 40min Shojnoysa 4 hours and 20min. Plirof.: Agency Piraeus 4283810, 4524861. With speedboat from Rafina are executed dense itineraries the Summertime and more thinly the Winter. For I vibrated in 7 hours and 15min, Heraklions 6 hours and 10, Koufonisia in 6 hours and 40min Shoinousa 6 hours and 20min. Plirof.: Agency Piraeus 4080211-6.

With ferympw't by Piraeus and the line Aegean the Small Eastern Cyclades are connected the Winter with Naxos, Paros and Syra. I vibrated synde'taj and with Amorgos. Plirof.: Ljmenarhej'o na'xoy (0285) 22300.
With ferympw't from Piraeus and the line Paronaxj'as - Ci'ras, the Small Eastern Cyclades are connected with Amorgos, Naxos, Paros, Syra and Astypa'laja. With ferympw't by Rafina, the Small Eastern Cyclades are connected all the year with ¢ndro, Naxos, Mykonos Paros and Syra.
With speedboat.

The small islets of Cyclades, as they showed archaeological discoveries, had been lived by the proj!storjki' season. From then had been lived also the neighbouring islet, the Ke'ros, which existed and important centre of kykladjkoy' culture, uninhabited today.
Ejdjkw'tera Heraklions and the Shojnoy'sa were also lived on Venetian domination, as it is proved by the enetjka' castles. I vibrated she was lived from the antiquity and according to the mythology, there hid the god Djo'nysos the Arja'dni in order to him does not find the Cise'as. In the rwmaj!ki' season it was used as place of exile.

There are two versions of how the name originated on the island. The first argues that the name comes from ancient times and took the bay which lies between the two islands and Glaronisiou and called «Koufos Harbor», ie apanemo port, which could ship berthing.

The second version given by the nisiografo Manesi arguing that the name Koufonisia due to the many caves and sediments around the island, without solid rock (deaf soil - Koufonisia). In contrast to these two theories, we find the testimony of Antonis Miliaraki who in 1920 wrote that the Over Koufonissi called «Fakousa» the shape of lentils to have the island and the Lower Koufonissi called «Pino» of the many Pines (species) that exist on the island.

The Koufonisia continuously inhabited by prehistoric era yet. Excavations carried out in the "Top Mili" revealed important findings, burial and other early phases of the Cycladic civilization. Perhaps the most important of these, tiganoschimo a vase with an engraved on it enniaktino starred store today at the Museum of Naxos. A second excavation at the southern tip of the east coast findings revealed Hellenistic and Roman times.

Throughout history the Koufonisia followed the common fate of all the islands of the Cyclades. Saw the domination of the Venetians and Turks, who mainly during the 17th century confronted several times on the power of the Aegean islands. The Koufonisiotes sometimes by necessity, sometimes by choice, often associated with Maniates or other pirates, who used the Straits between the Upper and Lower Koufonissi as a safe haven. The Koufonisia released together with the other Cyclades and incorporated the fledgling Greek state in 1830.

During the German occupation (1941-1945) residents experienced many difficult moments. Post-lived people in 1000 Koufonissi. Many, however, immigrants in Athens, Greece fygane to work and men in particular, to barkaroun. OTE came to the island in 1964 and DEI in 1984. The residents communicated with her and other islands with the rest of Greece with boats and a boat that passed by the Erakleia every 8 days. When there was a storm, the doctor could not visit the island. Previously there was a doctor for all the small Cyclades.

A tour to museums, archeological sites and attractions, the acquaintance with the traditions and customs, even the testing of local specialties can initiate the visitor to the special culture of the island.

MUSEUMS-Archaeological finds
The museum of Koufonision will soon operate in the area of the old school and will include exhibits that have been found on the island from the prehistoric period until today. The Keros is one big archaeological site, characteristic of the Cycladic civilization. In this rocky point of the Aegean Sea discovered the famous statues - symbols of Protocycladic, the flutist and Arpistis (figurines of music), set out today in the Archaeological Museum of Athens and are important for studying the religious life of the people of this era.

Great parties worthwhile to visit during his stay in Koufonisia is the central and rear port, the fishing port, the dock, the mills and the churches of St George, the Ag.Nikola and the Prophet Elijah. Graphic image of the island are fishermen in their boats. A rare experience for every visitor is a full moon nights on the island and especially the view of Keros in the moonlight. The outline of the island in the rat night reminiscent according to the locals lying Cycladic female figurine. According to the same description, the first full moon (around June 21) emerges through the Gulf of this feminine form. In Lower Koufonissi important attraction is the Church of Panagia, while in Kero can apart from the archaeological finds to admire the magnificent sunrise.

Koufonisia to maintain the Cycladic architecture. The houses, but all the buildings painted white exterior and blue suit with the deep blue of the Aegean and shape, while a traditional paramythenia picture. The interior of a typical house koufonisiotikoy consisted of a bedroom, a kitchen and a large room used for the living room. A key housing construction was the «Steosa», which was made from pole, wood, earth and wood from fyda and called «kontarida.».

Protector of the island is Agios Georgios. On the day of celebration of the (Easter Monday), after the operation is proved by the image. The "solemnly", an islander in San tagmenos, makes the round of the island holding hands in the picture. The streets of whom passes are sown with roses, all the boats accompanying the coast parapleontas The procession reaches the village, which follows a traditional feast. Restaurants offered calf-boiled, Tomato Sauce with potatoes, tripe-and wine to all attendees. The evening fun continues in the taverns of the island.

ST GEORGE conduct

The Holy Week in Koufonissi devoutness, but also offers rich island color. Good Friday harbor Skylights from edge to edge with dades, while at the time of the Anastasis entire island seietai by the Bengali.

The last Saturday of June is the "Festival of the fisherman." Young people dancing traditional dances and heard the most famous island songs. Offered fresh fish, tasty snacks and beverages in all, while the institutions undertake to xesikosoun the world. That night the shops remained closed throughout the feast is on the streets and the square.

Particular color and luster give the island and traditional festivals. Feast instances, the eortazomenous on 20 July, in celebration of Prophet Elias and the feast Dekapentafgousto. Then all the inhabitants of the Top Koufonissi go to the boats in Lower Koufonissi at the country church of the Virgin Mary. After the operation offered local dishes to accompany the bread of believers. In the return match is made between the speed boats for what will go first to the small port of Koufonisioy.
Finally, in a separate manner in Koufonisia celebrated the feast of St. Nicholas and Christmas, with their characteristic time to sing carols of the largest inhabitants.

The procession of the epitafiou is accompanied bangers, smoke and other effects attached to the central beach of the village.


The marriage was a special moment in his life koufonisiotikoy house. Initially made the match followed the betrothal. After recently began preparations for the marriage. The marriage put a half-half their produce, meat, sweets, traditional pastels, xerotigana. Went out and invited the world to marry, taking the musicians and then called the boxes and the koumpara. After calling the groom and the bride and entered Together in the church. The feast held two days. After 8 days of the marriage feast again. The festival was formerly known as «antigamos».

Nature and Environment
In all along the coast of the island by «Parian» west as the «Pori» to the east, the beaches of the island is magical. Golden crescent of sand alternate with the wild side in the caves, which has skapsei wave on the rocks. Generally, the walking through to the east, so the beaches are better and vegetation compared tightly.

A path parallel to the coastline south of the island allows you to view and choose the beach to suit you. The broad Harokopou and Punta is the most popular beaches, the Lamp the most quiet and Pori the most remote and probably the best coast. It lies about 4 km from the country but literally worth it. Please note that the beach promenade in practice proved more lengthy than it appears on the map but that is clearly the most beautiful route from the second path that is graven in the interior of the island. Beside the trail will encounter white krinakia, a rare species, found only in the Cyclades. There are beaches and the Lower Koufonissi that their approach is only by boat. The beaches are thick sand and offered for quiet holidays and isolation .. An escape from the normal rhythms of daily life.

Sports and Recreation
On the island, allow sport, and built stadiums mountialito, basketball and volleyball that allow visitors to combine their holidays with sporting activities.

The Koufonisia, however, offered for aquatic sports such as wind surfing. The Pori preferred by serfers for training.

Tours and proposals
On the island there are no roads are making unnecessary car or motorcycle. In addition, all routes are covered on foot, by boat to the beaches and rented bicycles on the island. The cost of chartering boats to the Lower Koufonissi is reasonable. Finally, there are few times when the hospitable residents of the island will be willing to carry up to the most remote beaches.

The island of boats carrying visitors to the beaches and the Lower Koufonisioy Koufonisioy per an hour. Excursions to these beaches, but also in Glaronisi and Kero one can do with his private vessel, which can supply fuel to the jetty of Koufonisioy.
The wild beauty and pristine nature of the island suitable for walks, while exploration is made easier by renting bicycles that combines adventure with the sport.

Koufonisia on vacation? Ti decade of the'80s sounds like a rather unusual choice, deliberately isolated and fysiolatriki. Today things have changed. Exotic beaches became known and the island was overrun by a multinational tourist tide, which fortunately did not completely flattened virgin characteristics. Interruptions in identical Koufonisia longer with the secular anemelia young people who want to seize the days of the holiday from morning until the next morning.

The cafe «Sorokos» in the Top Country Koufonisioy

Among the Naxos and Amorgos extend the heavenly and serene Oriental Small Cyclades. Islet with a strange name differs from the rest of the cluster. It is the smallest, the most level and pace that is nothing to resemble the pace of others. A trendy island with very much alive and multinational atmosphere, with moves modato world that morning to evening party pace. An island with exotic beaches where naturism is not taboo, an island full of children's voices, fresh seafood, cheap red lobsters and many kalosynatous ... Greens citizens (the surname «green» almost universally prevails on the island).
Above is the Koufonissi, a small island of Mykonos on Small Cyclades. The Great 'sand-beach-gives the country the first sample exotikotitas of the island. Taking the coastal path, moving parallel to the coastline apanemi south, reaching 10 in Harokopou beach. Therein lies the «Phoenix», the oldest tourism company on the island. Rooms for all tastes, cafeteria (by up Chickpeas lobster) to really cheap prices and free mini bus transport to and from the country. The idyllic path to the beach of the lamp and camping. From here begins the band Nudist, which let bothered by the presence of «dressed». Shortly still walking, just five minutes, enough for Italy's famous beach (Punta Flat). Excellent quality golden sand, crystal waters and party atmosphere characterize the popular beach of Koufonision. The path continues for Pori (total 30 minutes), the most isolated beach on the edge of the island haunt of artists of sand and the most fanatical nature of the island.

The beach at Punta Italian or Flat

Behind the Pori are the famous sea caves. In return, when the hard sunlight fall, discover a series of tiny beaches (one of the Company) between Pori and Italian, I admire the dunes and strange flowers and looking impressive relief of Keros forming olokathara the sleeping sacramental figurines of the king and queen.
Arriving in the Country, ruled out the challenge to resist a frozen cocktail or a freshening salad (with vegetables from the garden of Lefteris) in the beach «Soroko». The view of Keros and giant figures of my institute interest. I remember from school books of the extremely statuettes Arpisti, the flutist and Propinonta, who made a point of reference of Cycladic culture. I read that the Keros, was to be a kind of sanctuary pagkykladikou (such as on historical Delos times), systematically looted mainly in the 60s and hundreds of pottery and figurines, known as «the treasure of Keros», kateklysan the international market antiquities. The Museum of Cycladic Art bought and return a significant number of these archaeological treasures. A visit is essential ...
The evening dinner will be koufonisiotiko. The «Captain Nikolas», perhaps the best fish house on the island, specializes in astakomakaronada in astakosalata and all kinds of fresh fish, cooked with mastery of the famous Nicholas who, despite his young age, tends to establish itself as one of the most outspoken Bake in the Cyclades. For the truth of speech, you can ask even barbecued red mullet. If the preferences «Remetzo», apart from likely and unlikely any fish, you will find rofo Tomato Sauce, melitzanontolmades manitaropita and tasty.

Pori Beach

The uninhabited Lower Koufonissi separated by a narrow channel width of 200 meters from Above Koufonissi. Taking the boat can be found in the exotic beach water (the nudists on the right side), with palm and feature underground cistern, and if you have appetite for walking and searches, and start from there along a north-westerly direction at 20 minutes to find it deserted votsaloti beach Seaweed survey Naxos. If hungry, take another path to the famous tavern «Venetsanou» (30 minutes), to enjoy the famous kid of Keros, the special kakkavia and traditional flavors in xylofourno. The tavern is linked to the Over Koufonissi even nighttime hence the rempetikes romantic evenings and night boats in the light of stars is not at all rare.
Do not forget to taste the experience of a lemon pie to «shells» and a night in apogeiotikis «Soroko» (the original decoration with old photographs, objects from the bottom, the boats suspended, even in elementary school certificate of the owner) with Lefteris on decks. H. .. club scene of tiny islands complemented by the sophisticated «school» and the bar-club «Aneplora» Parianou on the beach in the winter port.


• The transfer and use of cars in Koufonisia is more than redundant. Over the Koufonissi is small and, unlike the other Cycladic islands and mikrokykladonisia, completely level. Besides moving on foot or by boat has a different magic, which deserves to live. In the Netherlands there are only Koufonissi paths.
• Every evening the local boat «Skopelitis» (Naxos and Amorgos links with the Small Cyclades) sfyrizontas passes from the beaches of the island warning bathers on the small «tsunami» caused. Protect mobile phones and cameras.
• The Country literally is full of baby voices. Of the 284 residents, 110 are children and young people. Enlivens a picture that has vanished in Greece.
• Fish and seafood abound in Koufonisia (the island has 35 large fishing vessels).
• The last Saturday of June organized by the community and clubs of the island «Feast of Psara». 'Afthonoi psaromezedes and wine are offered free of charge, while the local music and dances have the honor them.

Small Houses serenity - The Neighborhood of Peace (22850/71674), a complex of bungalows near the sea and in gardens. On Halcyon (22850/71694), seven studio near the port from the balconies of which see Kero and Lower Koufonissi. In 22 rooms of Keros (22850/71600) near the beach - plus the green in the yard. Also: Hotel Koufonissia (22850/74067), Atlantida Hotel (22850/74066, 22850/71691), rented rooms Captain Nicholas (22850/71690).

Nikolas Kapetan to enjoy fresh seafood and homemade pies, in Melissa, the oldest tavern on the island, must be the kid in Tomato Sauce and oil. In Remezzo seek fresh fish and pies of Athena, while in John Venetsano not resist the kid Keros and the astakomakaronades.

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