The Kimolos half an hour away by boat from the island of Melos. The capital of the island is the Village, to get to it is an uphill road of one kilometer. It offers picturesque windmills and beautiful beaches.
In extent hardly 75 tetr. km, in distance of breath from the Apple you will know the ideal part for quiet and graphic interruptions. Impressive elements, the proud Castle in in the Country, the windmills, her ekklisa'kja and spotless beaches. The tourism is not particularly developed, however the hospitality of residents (750) to you will leave astonished.
The Kimolos belongs to the Western Cyclades islands.
The islands of the western Cyclades (Kea - Kythnos - Serifos - Sifnos-Kimolos - Milos) have a particular color, with many graphic elements and important culture.

In particular, the southwest corner of the Cyclades differs widely from the rest of the archipelago. Lunar landscapes and mining galleries, caves and hide abyss that wonderful beaches and coves, rocky complexes with strange colors and numerous chapels, create a different image than that of the other islands.

Keeping the Cycladic character, the islands that produce and other Cyclades (traditional pasta, capers, tomatoes in various forms, aromatic herbs, meat products, honey, etc.).

From cheesemaking terms, special mention should be made to «Manoura» (local, white cheese after dry dives in lees to be extremely spicy and maintained for a long time), in Xinomyzithra in Kopanisti in Touloymotyri and Manouri (similar to the Cretan mitzithra).
There is a great tradition and honey products, as the pure thyme honey is used in the manufacture of pastels, and melopitas karpouzopitas (the latter only in Apple and Kimolo).

At Apple you can find the famous «candy», a traditional cake served, usually at weddings and made on the basis of the sweet, white Gourd of the island. It will also find many white eggplant and herbs and aromatic plants.

The difference in the kitchen of these islands created by the huge variety of recipes and ways of preparation of meals, and makes wide use of the famous pottery utensils manufactured. The countless variations of dishes reminiscent contest between imagination of their creators - but it is a sure: the exceptional quality and flavor of the result.


A sample of kykladjki's architecture, with graphic windmills and beautiful churches. From makrya' it resembles with white zwgrafja' in light blue background. The houses in the Country are built round the core of Castle that is constituted by the settlements, Means Castle and Outside Castle. The houses in the In Castle from their exterior side shape tejhjko' grounds with windows polemj'stres and four entries porta'res. In her historical centre are saved mjsoerejpwme'na mansions, while round the Country unfold fields. It hardly abstains 20 walk from the harbour.

The cavern in the region Vrwmolj'mnis, the Metropolitan temple of Virgin Mary of Odigi'trjas, the Church of Christ, with samples of Byzantine architecture and the Afenta'kejo Institution, nursing home in the entry of Capital.

You they wait for hospitable taverns for fresh fish and traditional titbits. Also, the Summertime functioning bar and discotheque. Panigy'rja with traditional spaces and gle'ntj become on 20 July of Prophet Ilj'a, on 27 July of Saint Pantelei'mona in the Pra'ssa. With particular way is celebrated the feast of Virgin Mary the Dekapentay'goysto, therefore becomes litany and plays music of mpa'nta municipality.

Beach for bathroom in the Ba'ci, where your transport becomes also with caique. For la'trejs the walk, a good campaign is in the region Greek, one hour of southly-western Country. In the northern side of Kjmw'loy you visit the region, Leeks, where becomes the exw'ryxi of chalk, while exist also jamatjke's sources with cejoy'ha waters. Visit finally the island Poly'ajgo, that despite her abundant fish catches is used as pasture land and the Da-skaljo', in the seabed of sea of which you can admire ruins and graves of entire arhaj'as city. The region is paradise for the fishermen. It needs however attention in the abrupt changes of time and in the dogfishes!

Try "lade'nja". It is zyma'rj of bread, in baking pan with plenty of oil, spread with tomato and onion.

Figurative means exists only for the way Country - Ba'ci. Also, for Ba'ci, but also the remainder beaches of island, you will rent caique.

Community 51218, Police 51205, GREEK POST 51304, GREEK TELECOME 51499.

Exist very very little rented rooms.

How to get there
Ship from the port of Piraeus.
Tel Limenarcheiou Piraeus:
(30) 210 4226000-4, 210 4511310-17

Useful Numbers
Port Authority: (+30) 22870 51332
Police: (+30) 22870 51205
Doctors: (+30) 22870 51222

Local Transportation
Daily routes with a small bus for Country-Psathi.


The Ba'ci is the quiet ljmana'kj of island and is connected with the Country via aniforjkoy' street.. Here is assembled the bigger number of residents of island.

The ancient city, Greek, in the coast of Cutter where you will go with ga'j'doyra'kj, or with boat from the Ba'ci.

You will find graphic taverns where you perjpojicoy'n the hospitable residents and few bars for your nightly exits.

The ammw'dis beach of settlement is offered for your summer bathrooms. With boats, or with the legs, you will also go to the regions, Saltmarsh, Lake, Mpona'tsa, Climate and Monasteries, with the splendid quiet beaches. In the Saltmarsh exist taverns and few rented rooms.

Figurative means exists only from the Country. The circulation becomes with the legs, with animals and 416 with caiques.

Ljmenarhej'o 51332, ote 51379.

Exist very very little rented rooms that you will find in the end perjohi's··

With ferympw't from Piraeus in 6 - 8 hours (distance of 86 n.m.). Denser itineraries the Summertime. Plirof.: Ljmenarhej'o pejraja' 4226000.
With dolphin from Rafina in 3 hours. Plirof.: Agency Athens 3225253. In Rafina you reach with the KTEL from the Field of ¢rews in one hour. Plirof.: KTEL aci'nas 8210875.

With ferympw't from Piraeus (line Western Cyclades) you reach in Ios, Kythnos, Apple, Santorini, Se'rjfo, Sj'kjno, Siphnos, Fole'gandro, while with the line of Aegean the Kj'mwlos is connected the Winter with Apple, Se'rjfo, Siphnos and Syra. Plirof.: Ljmenarhej'o Kjmw'loy (0287) 51332.
With dolphin from Rafina exists connection all the year with the islands Kea, Apple, Kythnos, Siphnos, Se'rjfo. Plirof.: Praktorej'o Kjmw'loy (0287) 51219.

The history of island is interrelated with that of neighbouring Milos. Her name in any case, according to the mythology, him took from the Kj'mwlo, that prwtoka-toj'kise the island.

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