Bus stop is only 20 meters away and the nearest beach is only 50 meters away. Supermarket in the ground floor , short walking distance from the harbor and several sea front restaurants.
Magnificent view of the ocean and the mountains.

All rooms have Kitchenette, Refrigerator, Kitchen Utensils, Private bathroom, Large balcony

Open Mid April - End of October.
Contacy: Foundis Minas
Summer Tel.: +30 22450 51038
Winter Tel.: +30 22450 23174
Fax.: +30 22450 51038
Mobile: +30 6973769167
E-mail: info@dorana.gr



Steno'makro island, that is found ana'mesa in Rhodes and Crete and is second in size island of Dwdekanni'swn. Has extent of 3012 tetr. km, but his residents does not exceed 5.000. Mountainous island with graphic hamlets, skarfalwme'na in katapra'sjnes plagje's the hills, but also with beautifully bara'djka harbours, beaches and sandy beaches. His higher mountain is the Good Lake, that is found in the middle of roughly island and has y'boss 1214 metres. The Karpathos is offered for quiet interruptions. The summer months a part of residents deals with the tourism, but mainly the island lives from the agriculture and the livestock-farming.


It is the capital and the main harbour of island, built between a hill and a big sandy beach. In the same hill was found the Citadel of arhaj'as city, Posej'djo (Neptunium). It is found in the south-eastern coast of island. Her most houses it is new from the fellow countrymen of America, that come for holiday in the island.

The Citadel of ancient Posejdj'oy, on a rock of height of 23 m., that is speculated that it was fortified castle of Mykinaj!ki's of season. The ruins of Royal Saint Luminous, 1,5 km of north capital. Right the street, with background the sea, they appear kata'leykes kolw'nes the Royal this of the 5th - 6th century that it was discovered 1972. Finally, in the place "Mills" you visit the Cave of Neptune.

The city of Karpathos allocates all the types of amusement, restaurants, taverns, ouzo selling restaurant, bar, discotheque and centres with music. What however has particular interest in the Karpathos they are the particular deliveries that are maintained olozw'ntanes until in our days. Deserves therefore no one first from all it watches closely a Karpacjw'tjko marriage. The final preparations keep one week. The local wear karpa-cjw'tjkes uniforms and become traditional gle'ntj with dances and dishes, as buns with grapes, walnuts, peanuts and nyfja'tjko sweet "soysamo'melo". Last Sunday from-Than-kriw'n all the residents they are assembled in open space where have fun all together, while Clean Monday they make a type popular court. Panigy'rja they become on 25 March, the Eyaggeljsmoy', that is also the more important island, on 7 July, Saint Sunday and on 7 September, the Birth of Virgin Mary of Larnjw'-tjssas.

Round the harbour exist sandy beaches with clean waters. With caique, you will reach in many akrogjalje's to the Eastern side, while in his southern side you have the occasion to choose between a line - roughly 15 - from beautiful beaches. With caiques also become organised excursions from the Wells for Aha'ta, Dame Virgin Mary, ¢pella, graphic bight with sandy beach and crystal waters, accessible only from the sea. The around region is katapra'sjni, in which is found also the ekklisa'kj of Saint Loukas. With caique also you can go to the Trj'stomo, a closed ljmana'kj to the northern coast of Karpathos near to the strait with the island Sarj'a and finally, to the Vroykoy'nta that is found southly-western the Trjsto'moy, a region full ruins from the ancient city Vroykoy'nta.From here you can go in xwk-callof Ag. Ioannis and go up in the castle in the top of hill.

You try xeroti'gana, myzicro'pjtta, lahano'pjtta, mpaklava', loykoyma'des and pancakes. Spesjaljte' of island they are "makaroy'nes" with local troyfto'-nj, that is zyma'rj a lot of bjlo', as rice. In panigy'rja is got used the pjla'fj with meat.

Buses execute daily the itineraries for Airport, Ape'rj - Vwla'da - O'co - Gates - Fojnj'kj - Arka'sa, Mesohw'rj - Spo'a, Menete's (the summertime goes also Ammopi') - Arka'sa. With caique also you will reach in the beaches Dame Virgin Mary, Ape'lla and ¢gjo Nikolaos.
Also, exist shops that rent bicycles and mihana'kja. Finally, you will also find agoraj'a cars for your transports.

Municipality 22688, First Aids 22228, Police 22218, Olympic Aviation 22057, Airport 22058, ajmenj-Mr station 22227, GREEK POST 22219, GREEK TELECOME 22399, Station Taxi 22705, Rural Bank 22003, National 22518.

Exist hotels and rented rooms - apartments.


The old capital of island, built in katapra'sjni region, in altitude of 320 metres. Arhontohw'rj with beautiful houses, most from which they belong in fellow countrymen of America. Here it is also the seat of Metropolite Karpathos.

The Kora'kj, in the top of hill that was the Citadel of arhaj'as Karpathos. In their foot of hill has been located ancient graves. It deserves you admire the panoramjki' view from the top.
The relic of ancient holy, in the most abrupt side of rock in her beach Agates.
Panigy'rja they become on 6 August of Savior, on 15 August of Virgin Mary and on 23 August of two still panigy'rja Virgin Mary, the Myrtjdjw'tjssas and her Dame Virgin Mary. The in August also becomes festival with traditional dances and songs, that organises the cultural association "Concord". Finally, in the Ape'rj is observed the custom "kli'dwna", on 26 June.

For koly'mpj you will go down in her marvellous beaches Agates and in her well-known beach Dame Virgin Mary, with the ekklisa'kj.
From the Ape'rj you can go, following the earth-roads, to the marvellous localities with running waters, Mertw'na and Katwdjo'.

You will reach with bus that begins from the Wells.

Community 31400, Police 31253, GREEK TELECOME 31399, First Aids 31262.

Exist rented rooms - apartments in the Dame Virgin Mary.


Coastal village built in ey'fori region, with sandy beach. His name emanates from the ancient city Arkesj'a, which minimal ruins of are saved in the neighbouring hill, Palajo'kastro, in one impressive vrahosejra' that reaches as the Fojnj'kj. The Fojnj'kj is small settlement with sandy beach and a ljmana'kj with taverns. Here is found the brassy boat, dedicated in the heroes of German possession.

The ruins of temple of Saint Anastasia, by which marvellous mosaics of flooring have been transported in the Museum of Rhodes. Important pieces of mosaics you will find in the empty now ossuary and in the countryside of temple. Do not lose panigy'rja Saint Sofia on 17 September, in the Fojnj'kj and Saint Nikolaos on 6 December.

Here you will find the beautiful beaches of Saint Nikolaos and Saint Gewrgj'oy, while in distance 2 - 3 km after the Fojnj'kj you will meet the beaches, Seal, ¢deja, Cape.

You will reach with bus that begins from the Wells, via two different itineraries.

Community 61224, Police 61250, GREEK TELECOME

Exist hotels and rented rooms – apartments.


Village amfjceatrjka' built in side of mountain in height of 350 m. his old houses are maintained still intact. It is the village of cleanness and beauty. Big impression a'llwste cause the labels with the quoted pecuniary fines for those who they do not maintain clean the environment. It abstains
8 km from the harbour and it has 300 roughly permanent residents.

The archaeological collection with discoveries from the region. The Menete's a'llwste
from the antiquity it is related with Crete and her culture. Also very
appreciable are the central church of village, the Koj'misi of Virgin Mary (19th
Big panigy'rj becomes on 6 August, the Savior, that last three days and the Dekapentay'goysto, the Virgin Mary.

The Menete's are Mediterranean village, for this for koly'mpj will go 3 km makrya' to the Ammwpi', beach with very beautiful sandy beach. Also, in the region Afja'ti, apart from bathroom, the beach is also offered for goyj'!nt se'rfjngk.

Community 81221, First Aids 81222, GREEK TELECOME 81294.

Exist hotels and rented rooms – apartments.


The Djafa'nj is the second harbour of island. Ferympw't throw anchor outside from the harbour and the passengers are transported with boats in the land. It abstains 70 km from the capital and his characteristic they are the houses with the level roofs and the fish-wharf in in the bight, where ara'zoyn the fishing boats. The Djafa'nj of is epj'nejo graphic village, Olympus.

The Mykinaj!ko' grave, the discoveries of which are looked after in the British Museum.
Panigy'rj becomes on 6 August, the Savior.

For bathroom you will go to the beaches Djafa'nj and Vana'nta, with pebble. Abstain 20 thinly with the legs.

In the Djafa'nj you will reach roadly or with caique from the Wells.

Greek Telecome 51209, Police 51213.

Exist minimal hotels and rented rooms – apartments.


It is found in the northern part of island and the local him they say "the E'lympos". It is for isolated as yesterday village, built on kakotra'hala and abrupt mountains, what it is said that here stopped the time. It was founded ago 5 centuries, when was destroyed by earthquake the coastal city, Vroykoy'-nta. The traditional architecture in the houses remained ano'ceyti. All the village is a museum. The delivery was not maintained only in the buildings, but also in the i'ci and customs, in the songs even in the behavior and the language of residents. The isolation of village is owed in wall that was built round the houses. The last years however, because his particularity, more tourists roll always up in order to him they visit, make where in the beginning xa'fnjase his residents. Really appreciable stolj'dj they are the old windmills, while the each house has his own church and his own windmill.

Ancient Vrykoy'nta, it is one from the bigger cities of Karpathos, where are distinguished foundations of home 3rd and 4th aj.The church of Virgin Mary, 16th aj., with xylo'glypto te'mplo and the churches of Virgin Mary of Hrysovala'ntoy, the Saint Onoy'frjoy and the Saint Trinity.
Panigy'rja they become on 10 August in the monastery of Hrysovala'ntoy and the Dekapentay'goysto. It deserves you assist in panigy'rja, events and feasts, where are maintained the old traditional customs.

Your visit in the village constitutes already separate experience. You will see the women that are always dressed with their traditional uniforms and him fwtografi'sete discreetly, you will still hear the Dorian dialect - which use the local - and if still you ask to see that function the windmills, the miller with big pleasure will open the cloths and ale'sej for you, as it became centuries before.

From the Djafa'nj you will take bus for the Olympus.

Community 51222, First Aids 51201.

Exist rented rooms.


The Mesohw'rj is one from the grafjko'tera villages of Karpathos, hung above the sea. It maintains ano'ceyti the traditional architecture, with taps with crystal waters, the arrangement and decoration of internal space of houses, even the i'ci and custom.

The church of Saint Ioannis, with the murals 1781 and xylo'glypto te'mplo.
Ask to see the interior of house with his jdjo'typi architecture. The bigger panigy'rj becomes on 8 September, the Virgin Mary of Mesohwrj'tjssas, where they cook meat with pjla'fj, is assembled all the village in special room dj'pla in the church and eats all together.
In the Spo'a becomes panigy'rj on 3 November, stoy Saint Gjw'rgi mecysti' - as it is said - and opens the wines. In White thing becomes panigy'rj on 23 April, the Saint Gewrgj'oy.

From the Mesohw'rj you will opposite visit the villages Spo'a, White and the islet, Sw'kastro.
In the graphic Spo'a, 4 km Northern, where you reach crossing a region with pines, remmatje's and rocks. It is village that maintains from equal the traditional architecture and the folklore elements of island. For White you will make a small deviation to the sea. It is a small graphic coastal settlement with very beautiful sandy beach. The Sw'kastro today is islet precisely opposite from White. In the old days it was peninsula and the delivery it reports that it constituted the base of operations of emperor Nikiforos Fwka' for the expulsion of Arabs from Crete. Today here, as in the remainder around regions, they are saved a lot of antiquities, what have still not seen the light, because absence of excavations. Can "swim in the ammoydere's beaches White, in the Lota'lj, in the Ljmana'kj, the Partridge, the Seashore Field and in the Fragkolj'mni.

You will reach with bus that begins from the Wells, in the itinerary for Mesohw'rja and Spo'a.

Community 71212, Police 71210,
First Aids 71209.

Exist rented rooms - apartments.


In the taller point of Karpathos is found the mountainous village O'cos, providing view in all the south-western Aegean. In calm and "other" world, you will be glad traditionally gle'ntja and xaposta'sete in the cool breeze.

The Folklore museum, in detail the traditional karpacjw'tjki architecture, that presents particular interest.
The church of Koj'misis of Virgin Mary, 17th aj.
The O'cos is famous for panigy'rja his. Become around in the 8 with 10 each year, with more important and bigger that of Saint Pantelei'mona, that lasts three days. And here is gathered all the village and eats pjla'fj with meat.

From here you can make excursion in the around villages, Vwla'da and Ste's. The Vwla'da abstains 2 km and is one from equal mountainous hamlet in altitude 510 m., with marvellous view to the sea and many traditionally karpacjw'tjka home. The village Ste's is found in distance of 3 km, in a beautiful locality with abundant running waters.

You will reach with bus that begins from the Wells.

Community 31338, GREEK TELECOME 31270.


The Sarj'a is a uninhabited islet in northern utmost the Karpathos. A lot of years before it was herso'nnisos - department of Karpathos. In the antiquity here i'kmase the city Nj'syros, the ruins of which were found in narrow his trjsto'-Me, ana'mesa in the Karpathos and the Sarj'a. Today exist only certain huts of cattle-breeders, and are connected with caiques by the harbour of Trj'stomoy, or by the Djafa'nj.

With ferympw't from Piraeus, all the year, in 18 - 21 hours. Plirof.: Ljmenarhej'o Piraeus 4226000. With plane Olympic from Athens - Western airport - all the year, in 1 hour and 20 '. The airport abstains 18 km from the capital. Plirof.: Olympic Aviation Athens 9363363 -5, Olympic Aviation Karpathos (0245) 22057 and Airport Karpathos (0245) 22058.

With ferympw't by Piraeus, the Karpathos is connected with Ka'so, Rhodes, Ha'lki, Naxos, Santorini, Heraklion and Sitia -¢gjo Nikolaos Kri'tis, Kalymnos, Kos, Leros, Patmos. Plirof.: Harbour Station Karpathos (0245) 22227 and Ljmenarhej'o Kalymnos (0243) 29304. With plane, the Karpathos is connected with Ka'so and Sitia Crete. Plirof.: OLYMPIC AIRWAYS Karpathos (0245) 22057 and Airport Karpathos (0245) 22058.
Yfanta', stjva'llja, karpacjw'tjka dishes and mpakj'rja, cheese, oil and koyloy'res.

If you have ship, you will tie up in the harbour of Karpathos and in the Djafa'nj.

Discoveries in caverns declare that the Karpathos prwtokatojki'cike in the Neoljcjki' Season. Her history however is connected with Crete, after it was lived by their Cretes of Mjnwjki's of Season of - coper. The 5th aj. the island knew the acne when came the Dorians, with centre four important cities. Later it adhered in the Athenian alliance. Followed the rwmaj!ki' sovereignty and the Byzantine period. After the sovereignty of Le'onta Gavala', in 1206 passed in the possession of Genove'zwn, Knights of Rhodes and Enetw'n, in order to him occupy the Turks 1538. He took part in the revolution 1821 and he achieved he acquires her independence for seven years, up to 1832, when he fell again in the hands of Turks with the Protocol of London. Then befell the possession of Italians, her 1912. union with remainder Greece became in 1948, with the other islands of Dwdekanni'soy.

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