"' Child of" Paros, that sometimes was linked, prwtokatojkicike in the Neoljcjki' Season. Small, serene, with hrysafe'njes coasts, ideal part for interruptions. The castle, the cavern, the kata'leyka lodges gone around from his red gerania give a unique picturesqueness that saginey'ej paracerjste's. It hardly abstains ten thinly from Paros.


The unique katojki'sjmo part of island and harbour, with beautiful small hotels, whitewashed soka'kja and kata'leyka parosjaka' home with ancosto'ljstes courtyards. Romantic and built round the castle, by which are only saved few departments. Ideal part for interruptions, assembles a lot of world.

The castle, that was lived from 15th until the 19th century and that apart from his central bulky tower, around - around had built successive rings with houses, that are separated between them with closely soka'kja. Today, they are maintained very very little. In the other side of island you visit the Cavern. We find in altitude 350 m. in the hill of Saint Ioannis. Mageytjkoj' stalactites and stalagmites the djakosmoy'n, while on stalagmite she is engraved with Latin a sign that it reports: "Here himself the Christ celebrated katamesi's ny'ktas 1673". It has height 8 metres and is named "Saint Bank". Ekcamvwtjko' and unique spectacle.

Be glad fresh fish and seafoods in his graphic taverns. Prefer octopus in the coals. Still, you will find bar for your nightly spree. Panigy'rja they become on 17 July, Saint Marina, on 8 September of Virgin Mary of Virgin Mary and Saint Pantelei'monos on 27 July.

Swim in pane'morfes and spotless akrogjalje's Baralyki', ¢gjo Spyrj'dwna, Seashore, Djapo'rj. ¢lloj coastal settlements in order to you visit, or even you remain, are the ¢j - Gjw'rgis, that apart from bathroom his beach is offered for goyj!nse'rfjngk, makes also boatings. Visit also the traditional settlement, Pile, with the splendid beaches and the clean waters. In the Mw'lo and the Baralyki' you can also rent equipment for goyj!nse'rfjngk, bicycles and marine ski.
Ground of football you will find in the Sjfnaj'jko Seashore.
It deserves however you visit also the islets that are found round the Antj'paro. The uninhabited island, Despotic, where excavations brought in the light graves Prwtokykladjki's of Season.
Sallagko', in that were revealed ruins of settlement Neoljcjki's of Season and finally, the katapra'sjno Reymatoni'sj, property Goylandri'. Also, exist a lot of desert islands full wild-koy'nela and wild pigeons.

Tourist bus executes the itinerary for the Cavern, the Pile and the ¢gjo Gew'rgjo. Exists shop that it rents mihana'kja, while the locomotions become also with boats.

Community 61202, Police 61202, GREEK TELECOME 61215, GREEK POST 61223, First Aids 61219.

Exist minimal hotels, rooms and camping.

With ferympw't only via Paros. Daily itineraries (distance of 3 n.m.). Plirof.: Ljmenarhej'o pa'roy (0284) 21240.

With all the islands of Aegean, only via Paros. Plirof.: Ljmenarhej'o pa'roy (0284) 21240.

In the antiquity were named Wlaros and her historical course are connected with that of Paros, which was part of.

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