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Exception in in the Cyclades constitutes ¢ndros, with her katapra'sjnes plagje's and running waters. In the island has been given generously the natural wealth. Continuing mountain ranges with abrupt plagje's and anamesa their gorges, remmaties and three poly'fytes valleys with olive trees, fig trees, orange, lemon trees, vines and waters compose the mainly landscape Androu. The second in extent kykladitiko island is found in the vorejw'tero part and abstains hardly 7 n.m. from the cape of Kafirea - Tow Ntoro - in Evia. The big naval delivery of island lends separate arhontja'. Characteristic it is that today in the Andro live a lot of families of shipowners, captains and seamen.

ANDROS (Country)

From alloy kykladj'tjkis and neoklassjki's architecture built on a hill, between two sandy beaches, Easternly is found the Country of island. It abstains 34 km from the Gay'rjo, that is the harbour.Her imposing buildings, her museums, kama'res, the castle and her dendro'fyti square give the "perfume" arhontja's, while proud above in the rock (opposite from the castle) dominates the protector of seamen, Virgin Mary marine.

The devastated castle that htj'stike from the Marj'no Da'ndolo, when it occupied the island. In 1943 were destroyed by the big bombardment, while are still rescued the towers, polemj'stres, ojkosi'mata Venetian and the stone vaulted bridge that linked the fortress with the small peninsula in which had built the medieval state. The Church of Virgin Mary of Palatjani's, that is dated by the 13th century and the Church of Saint Gewrgj'oy (17th century).

The Archaeological museum, donation of family Goylandri'. It was founded in 1981 and allocates collection from discoveries Gewmetrjki's, Classic, Hellenistic, Rwmaj!ki's and Byzantine Season, as well as objects from the Season of Venetian domination and Ottoman domination. Til: (0282) 23664.
The Naval museum, with rich collection by models of boats and that it has relation with the shipping.
The Museum of Modern Art in which are organised reports of modern art the Summertime. It was founded by the Lj'za and Vasilis Goylandri'. Here you can admire the sculptures of andrjw'ti sculptor Mjha'li To'mproy.

In the Country you will find many graphic taverns and restaurants. The nightly life is enough intense. They exist enough bar and ntj'sko with all the types of music. Also, functions aestival cinema. The Dekapentay'goysto become big panigy'rj and the dance with the violins keep up to the east. Finally, at the duration of Summertime are organised various reports and festive events.

For bathroom is offered the organised beach of Nimporjoy' and the splendid sandy beach in the ¢hla (locomotion and with caique). For bathroom, are offered also the beaches in the Parapo'tj, in the Gja'la and in Pj'sw Gja'la. For their houseworks of marine spo'r, ¢ndros we offer for rowing and jstjoploj'!a in the Naval 1/4mjlo ¢ndroy (Nimporjo'), while each August are organised also fights. If you have ship, you make the tour of island and you will discover apo'meres and beautiful beaches. Hardly 2 n.m. abstain the coasts of Tinos from narrow Tinos in the cape Narrow. Finally, it hardly deserves a campaign 7 km outside from the Country, where is found the grafjko'tato village, Syne'tj. Strange picture here give the stone amfjceatrjka' built lodges, the perjsterjw'nes and seven watermills in remmatja' with the butterflies and Colony, 4 km
westwards, where are found the well-known sources Sa'rjza and the homonym factory of bottling of water.
Regular itineraries with buses of KTEL are executed by the Country for Mpatsj' - Gay'rjo, Syne'tj, Colony - Strapoyrje's - Stenje's, and Ko'rcjo - 1/4rmos Korcj'oy. Also, you will find taxi and shops that rent cars and mihana'kja.

Try without fail the andrjw'tjki cooker. They distinguish the local sausages, with which are made the omelette "froyta'lja", the kopanisti, the xeroty'rj, "soyma'na", kaltsoy'nja and t marzipans. If you are found Easter, you enjoy onomasto' "lamprja'ti" that is the pashaljno' lamb, or kid with special filling from offals, eggs, cheese, rice and myrwdjko' spearmint.

Municipality 22275, Police 22300, Ljmenarhej'o 22250, GREEK POST 22260, GREEK TELECOME 22099, Taxi 22171, Centre of Health 23333,.23703, Drugstores 22238,.23203,.22220, Rural Bank 22368, National Bank 22232, Jonjki' 22291 and Faith 23900, Archaeological Museum 23664, Museum of Modern Art 22650.

Exist a lot of hotels and rented rooms.


The more important harbour of island is found in the western side ¢ndroy. Was been one of the more important harbours of antiquity, acquaintance that season and for the excavation of marble. It abstains 31 km from the Country, with intense tourist movement at the summer months.

Impressive, circular pentaw'rofo - with vaulted roof - tower of Saint Petros. Is considered building of Hellenistic season and is found 2,5 km of north-eastern Gayrj'oy.

Exist many barotave'rnes and restaurants. The evening, the movement is enough big in polyco'ryva bar. Centres with mpoyzoy'kja function usually the Weekend. Do not lose "Gayrjwtjka'" - events with reports and dance, as well as panigy'rja in the Cork of (26 July), Saint Friday and the Varsamja's of Savior of (6 August).

The most near beach is in the bight of Gayrj'oy and in the Kyprj'. Clean sea and sandy beach you will find 7hlm. of north-westernly Gayrj'oy, in the bight Down Cork. In the opposite side, 21hlm., after you cross earth-road you will north-easternly meet the bight Vj-ta'lj, with the very clean sea and the votsalw'di beach. In the Gay'rjo also functions also camping for those who they love the natural life, capacity of 63 places. 1/4soj you have ship you will tie up in the harbour of Gayrj'oy.

Regular itineraries with buses of KTEL are executed by the Country up to the Gay'rjo. Also, you will find taxi, as well as shops that rent cars and motor cycles.

Community 71250, Police 71785, Office of Information of Tourism 71785, Ljmenarhej'o 71213, GREEK POST 71254, GREEK TELECOME 71785, First Aids 71210.

Exist a lot of hotels and rented rooms.


Mediterranean katapra'sjno hamlet, Colony, abstains hardly 5 km from the Country. Part that is famous for his clean water from the sources Sa'rjza. The water is in deed bottled.

The men's monastery of Saint Nikolaos, that is found 5hlm. Easternly and was founded in mesa'toy 18th aj. Appreciable is also the monastery of Saint Marina, as well as the church of Saint Peace,

Here you will discover grafjko'tata taverns and traditional cafes, where froth the local. Big panigy'rj becomes in the feast of Koj'misis of Virgin Mary, on 8 September.

Mountainous village that is advisable for campaigns in the nature and visits in the around hamlets. One of the most beautiful next villages also, are the Stenje's, drowned in the green, with beautiful houses and fruiterer trees. Here it deserves you see the Tower Mpj'sti - Moyve'la. It is a trjw'rofo building 17th aj. Finally, exist also jamatjke's sources.
Most important is perhaps the source of Sa'rjzas and is advisable for the diseases ljcj'asi and bammj'asi.

In Colony you will reach with bus that begins from the Country and him connects with Gay'rjo, Mpatsj', Strapoyrje's and Stenje's.

Community 22115, Community Stenjw'n 22054.

Exists hotel and very very little rented rooms, apartments.


traditional settlement with intense tourist movement, stretched out round a gulf with sandy beach and a lot of green. It abstains 27 km from the Country and 8 km from the Gay'rjo.

The Monastery of Zwodo'hoy of Source, the 14th century, built in altitude 601 m. You enjoy the exceptional view in the Aegean. There you will find heirlooms from the Greek Revolution.

In the Mpatsj' you will find graphic taverns, cafes that serve and morning, bar and discotheque. Do not lose the panigy'rj of Agyja's on 27 July.

The Mpatsj' is offered for bathroom. Choose his bight, or advance southernly for more erimjke's beaches. Paradise for the nudists is the beach of Saint Marina.
From here you dare a campaign in notjw'tero utmost the island, Narrow, from the public street, that passes dj'pla and from ancient Palajo'poli. Finally, you make a excursion up to the mountainous village, Arna's, 10 km Eastern and enjoy the natural beauty of island.

In the Mpatsj' you will reach with bus that begins from the Country and him connects with Gay'rjo, Colony, Strapoyrje's and Stenje's. Also, you will find taxi and shop that rents cars and mihana'kja.

Community 41343, Police 41204, GREEK TELECOME 41599, GREEK POST 41423, Station Taxi 41081, First Aids 41326, National Bank 41400, Jonjki' 41662.

Exist a lot of hotels and rented rooms.


It abstains 4 km from the Country and was the centre of island in the Byzantine season and in the Mesaj'wna. Katapra'sjni Mediterranean locality, ideal for fysjola'tres.

The church of Taxja'rhi, that was founded the 12th century and anakajnj'stike 18th, in the region La'myra. The villages Me'nites, with the "Sources of Dionyssis", that according to the mythology ran wine. In the Aladjno' you visit the cavern "Chaos" and in the village Mesacoy'rj the Koj'misi of Virgin Mary of (12th - 13th century).

The Mesarja', as Mediterranean village does not have very short sea. Is ideal however part for those who they love the nature, after they can visit also the around graphic hamlets Me'nites, Aladjno' and Pjtrofo's, with the traditionally taverns and cafes.

Community 22008, First Aids 22107, GREEK TELECOME 22050.

Exist very very little rented rooms and apartments.


Graphic barolj'mano, with big beach with pebble, that is open in the North. It is southernly found 24 km of Country. Beautifully perjpojime'na lodges with loyloydjasme'noys gardens and graphic soka'kja compose the landscape.

The ruins of Palajo'kastroy. The Byzantine Monastery of Three Hierarches, that is found in the village Ko'rcj and is dedicated in the ¢gjo Pantelei'mona, while in the region Voynj' the church of Saint Antonios.

Apart from taverns exists also discotheque for your nightly amusement. Cultural events are organised the in August that becomes "Korcjana'". The Ko'rcjo is famous for big gle'ntja that follow after each panigy'rj, in that it gathers all almost the island. Most important panigy'rja become on 27 August, the Saint Fanoyrj'oy and on 27 July, the Saint Pantelei'mona.

Swim in the big votsalwti' beach of bight. Be careful however the etesian winds. Exists also the beach of Saint Fanoyrj'oy and Saint Ekaterini. Vorejw'tera from the Ko'rcj is found the solitary bight, Leap of Old woman, that is preferred particularly by the nudists. Here, apart from the splendid sandy beach, you will admire the enormous rock in the middle of bight that resembles as kolw'na that has emerged from the sea.

Itinerary of KTEL from the Country begins for Ko'rcj and 1/4rmo Korcj'oy.

Community 61219, Police 61211, First Aids 61217, GREEK TELECOME 61299, GREEK POST 61286.

Exist hotels and rented rooms, apartments.


The Palajo'poli is coastal locality and abstains 16 km from the Country and other so much from the Gay'rjo. Village with particular historical importance, after he is built above in the ancient capital of island.

The Ruins of Arhaj'as of City, where the excavations brought in the light remnants from the ancient market of city, temples, galleries, as well as a lot of objects, as sculptures and vessels. Here a'llwste was discovered accidentally by a villager the statue of Ermi', that is found in the Museum ¢ndroy with other important discoveries.
Near are found also the more important archaeological space of island, the Zago'rja. The excavations brought in the light one from the more important gewmetrjkoy's settlements of Greece. Most discoveries are exposed in the Museum ¢ndroy.

In the Palajo'poli apart from taverns you will find bar, ntjsko and centres of amusement, that open usually the Weekend.

Swim in the beautiful beach of bight of Palajo'polis. You will go with the legs.

Community 41521.

Exist very very little rented rooms.

With ferympw't only from Rafina all the year, for the Gay'rjo (distance of 37 n.m.). ¢fjxi in 2 hours and 30 thinly. Dense itineraries the summer months. Plirof.: Ljmenarhej'o Rafina (0294) 22300. In Rafina you reach easily with the KTEL from the Field of ¢rews. Poly'syhna' itineraries. Plirof.: KTEL acinw'n 8210872.
With ferympw't exists also connection with Thessalonica (distance of 200 n.m.), in 6 hours and 45 thinly. Plirof.: Ljmenarhej'o Thessalonica (031) 531504 - 5. With dolphin from Rafina, in 55 thinly. Plirof.: Agency Piraeus 4283810, 4524861.

With ferympw't from Rafina, connection all the year with the Small Eastern Cyclades (Heraklions, Koyfoni'sja, Shojnoy'sa), Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Syra and Tino. The summer months it is also connected with Amorgos.
With ferympw't by Thessalonica ¢ndros is connected all the year with Mykonos, Paros, Santorini, Tino, Thessalonica, Heraklion Crete (line Thessalonica of - Sporades - Cyclades Heraklion). Only the Summertime connection with Skyros. Plirof.: Ljmenarhej'o Gayrj'oy (0282) 71213.
With dolphin connection with Ios, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Santorini, Syra, Tino, Evia. Plirof.: Praktorej'o pejraja' 4283810, praktorej'o Mpatsj'oy (0282) 41252, praktorej'o ¢ndroy (0282) 71110.

The delivery wants the ¢ndro it brings her name from the grandson of Apollo, the ¢ndro, that prwtokatoj'kise in the island. It is said that here was worshipped the God Djo'nysos. The bigger acne ¢ndroy, according to the arhajlogoka' discoveries, should be marked in their Gewmetrjkoy's Years. The Zago'rja is a entire city that him proves. Also, big growth presented at the Byzantine Season, where knew the bigger growth the trade. ¢llwste, from here come also a lot of shipowners.

Andros Topics:
Andros Introduction
The Capital of Andros (Hora)
Gavrio - Batsi (Hydrousa)
Korthi and its surroundings
Rivers, Springs and Fountains
Hiking the ancient foot paths

Andros Museums:
The museum of modern art
The archaeological museum
The Kairis library
The Kydonieos Institute
The Nautical museum
The museum of folklore and Christian art
The archaeological collection of Paliopolis
The museum of Woven art
The Ecclesiastic museum

Archeological Sites
Strofilas 4th millennium BC
Zagora 10th-8th Centuries B.C.
Ypsili 10th- 5th Centuries B.C.
The tower of Aghios Petros 4th century BC.

Monasteries And Churches:
The Monastery Of Agia
The Monastery Of Panachrantou
The Monastery Of Agios Nikolaos
The Monastery Of Agia Marina
Byzantine Churches of Andros

Flavours of Andros (recipes):
Fourtalia (Andros omelette)
Raw Marinated Anchovies
Dolmadakia (stuffed vine leaves)
Moustokouloura (Grape Sirop Cookies)

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