As rock xekomme'nos in sea strikes the notjoanatoljko'te-ro island of Cyclades. Minimal itineraries of boats to you will bring in the island of peacefulness and calm. Forgotten, the small Anafi, with the hrysafe'njes sandy beaches, the spotless waters, vindicates paracerjste's that seek the quietness. The thirst however for tourist upgrade of island leads to the a'narhi layout, with danger is lost her traditional architecture. The fable wants the Anafi it is given birth then order of God Apollo, so that it gives shelter in their Argonaftes.


The country is also the unique settlement of island. The maintained domes and kampy'les her give a separate architectural aspect. Built tally, her country, with soka'kja, her kata'leyka lodges, the metropolis and the windmill, is offered for calm interruptions. It abstains 2 km from the harbour of Saint Nikolaos and him it connects the one and unique motorway of island.

In in the Country with the castle, the windmills, the churches Koj'misis of Virgin Mary, Honest Cross and Saint Nikolaos. Two hours with the legs, in the Kaste'llj, you will see in the xwkkli'sj Virgin Mary Do'kari a marma'rjni rwmaj!ki' carnivorous with unique representations. Finally, you walk the path from the Kaste'llj in order to you reach in the ruins of Temple of Apollo and the Monastery of Virgin Mary of Kalamjw'tjssas. In the Abbey, according to the delivery, the picture of Virgin Mary was found on cane (from oy' and her name).

In the Anafi the life rolls calmly, while particular graphic they are the panigy'rja and local dances. With separate splendour is celebrated the panigy'rj of Virgin Mary, on 8 September.

The Anafi will become the beloved part of what worships litteraly the quiet and calm life. Spotless waters and beautiful beaches are offered for bathroom in the southern side of island. 1/4so for you that you have ship, you can tie up in the small bight of island, without economic tax.

In the Anafi exists only a street that connects the Country with the harbour. Circulate only rural cars and most ways kaly'pontaj with the legs, with animals and boats for the coastal parts.

Police 61216, Community 61266,
Greek Post 61203, GREEK TELECOME 61202, First Aids 61215.

Exist very very little rented rooms.

With ferympw't by Piraeus in 9 with 10 hours (distance of 145 n.m.). Are no often executed itineraries - - all the year. Plirof.: Ljmenarhej'o pejraja' 4226000.

With ferympw't are connected by Piraeus all the year with, Santorini and Astypa'laja. Plirof.: Ljmenarhej'o ana'fis (0286) 61216.

According to the mythology, it offered shelter in their Argonay'tes when they were in danger from storm. The archaeological discoveries testify that the Anafi had been lived by the proj!storjki' season. During the Mesaj'wna it was objective of pirates, make that forced her more residents metanastey'soyn in Crete.

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