Island for calm interruptions, the Amorgos is found in the anatoljko'teri side of Cyclades. Reaching, antjkrj'zoyme the graphic Kata'-pola, that are the first harbour of island, in the hill of which is found a important archaeological space, the Mj'nwa. Second harbour is the ejdylljaki' Ajgja'li, acquaintance for her beautiful beach. A steno'makro island with abrupt coasts in Eastern, contrary to the small peninsulas and the ammw'dejs bights in the western side. Stolj'dj of island, the Monastery of Virgin Mary of Hozovjw'tjssas, that was founded at the Byzantine season (19th century).


Capital of island, with plako'strwta droma'kja, closely and fardja' steps, kama'res and kata'leyka home, ideal for romantic interruptions. Classic kykladj'tjko element the castle that dominates in the top of hill and the mj-soerejpwme'noj windmills.

The castle, that htj'stike the 13th century from the Jeremj'a Gkj'zj from which is maintained the wall with the Polemj'stres. Appreciable monuments in in the country, her post byzantine Churches, while as museum functions the Tower of Ga'vra, sample of mansion of 18th century. In the region Terha'kj, north the country we find the Ruins of Hellenistic Tower, while in the southern side exists the church of Saint Gewrgj'oy of Vasal-matj'ti, with the source from which ana'vlyze "agj'asma" and functioned ydro-mantej'o.
Finally, built on rock, in height of 300 metres, appears the more important monument, the Byzantine Monastery of Virgin Mary of Hozovjw'tjssas, that constitutes the jewel of island. According to the history, the monastery founded in 1088 the emperor Ale'xjos Komninos, when reached there the picture of Virgin Mary, that it had sent a woman from the Ho'-zovo of Small Asia (from oy' and the name) at the season of Iconoclasms. The indeed remarkable technique with which htj'stike (kre'metaj litteraly in a rock) explains a fable.1/4tan the picture reached with the boat, the residents decided they build a monastery in the harbour. The departments however that became the day gkremj'zontan the night. Then, a monk, after he prayed, raised the eyes and the first thing that saw was a rucksack that kremmo'tan in a nail in side of hill. This was considered divine mark and thus they decided there they build the Temple of Picture.

In the Country you will find beautiful taverns in the beach, as well as restaurants. Also, exist a lot of cafeterias. For your nightly expense, they exist bar, ntj'sko and centres of amusement with music for all goy'sta. Big panigy'rj becomes in the monastery of Hozovjw'tjssas on 21 November. This day, all the island is gathered in the Monastery and according to the custom is shared fried cod and fishes.

Ammw'di beach with small pebbles you will find in the Saint ¢nna, that finds under the Virgin Mary the Hozovjw'tjs-sa. You will go with the bus. Exists ground of football and mpa'sket. If you have ship, dare a excursion in the opposite islets, ¢nydro, 9 n.m. southly-western, the Aevj'cja 8 n.m. of southly-eastern country and the most distant island Ky'naro 18 n.m. Also, can naylw'sete small caiques.

You will reach with bus from the Kata'-pola. Exists also agoraj'o car.

You try fa'va, kakkavja' and "pata-ta'to", that is meat with potatoes, cooked with particular islander way.
Exist hotels first, second and third category, as well as rented rooms and guesthouse that you will find in the end of region.

Community 71246, Police 71210, GREEK POST 71250, First Aids 71207.


The ejdylljaki' Ajgja'li is the second harbour of island and has the bigger tourist movement with 200 permanent residents. It is found in the northern part of island and allocates beautiful, ammw'di beach.

The splendid villages, Lagka'da and Cola'-rja, with the churches of Saint Trinity and Undertaking respectively, the Citadel above in the elevation Vj'gla, the Church of Saint Anargy'rwn that celebrates festively in 1 July.

In the Ajgja'li you will find many graphic taverns, bar and centres of amusement.

For bathroom you will go to the beaches Bjli' ¢mmos, Levroso' and Ho'hlaka. Also, you will swim in the beach of village Cola'rja that abstains 4 km from the Aj -
gja'li. If you have ship, or if you rent caique you can visit the islet, Njkoyrja', that is found opposite by the bight of Ajgja'lis. Here you will see Ekklisa'kj of Virgin Mary of Nikos-rjani's. Also, with ship you will discover beautiful erimjke's beaches, or make campaigns in the around kykladj'tjka islands. Places for your ship it exists in the Kata'pola.

You will reach with bus from the Kata'pola.

Community Lagka'das 73350, Police 73320, GREEK TELECOME Lagka'das 73348.

Exist rented rooms and guesthouse.


One of the most graphic hamlets of Amorgos that are found in the southern part of island. It is the centre of villages Ley'kaj, Kama'rjon and Kalofa'na. Locality with character, traditional houses and narrow graphic soka'kja.

The ruins of arhaj'as city that him remind the devastated walls and graves. Ancient Arsekj'ni it is found in the region Kastrj'

You will find graphic taverns and bar? Big panigy'rj becomes on 26 July. It is offered "patata'to".

For bathroom you will go to the beach of Arsekj'nis, in notjw'tero utmost the island, the Kalotarj'tjssa and above, following the path, to the Black Nose. Clean waters you will find in the beach Paradej'sja in the Saint Forty, while with the legs you go to 20¥ to the Kama'rj and to half hour to the beach of Berry. For the nudists exists the Lighthouse.

You will reach with bus from the Kata'pola. Itineraries two times the day.

Community 71354, GREEK TELECOME 71332.

Exist few hotels and rented rooms.


Kata'leyka lodges that unfold above in the hill embelish the first harbour of Amorgos. It has the bigger movement at the duration of Summertime. It hardly abstains 5 km.. from the country and in her harbour it exists space for small ships.

The archaeological museum where are exposed sculptures, vessels and signs, the ruins of arhaj'as Mjnw'as with the unique view from the hill. Exceptional interest presents the church of Virgin Mary Katapoljani's, in the space of temple of Apollo.

In the Kata'pola you will find a lot of restaurants and taverns.The nightly life is enough intense in the bars, the ntj'sko and centres of amusement.

The visitors encoysjastoy'n with the spotless beaches. Prefer the boats in order to you reach in ten thinly in the beaches Down Cape, the Saint Pantelei'mona, in the Marte'zj and the Plates. Easy access and with the legs, while for steeper beaches in the southern side you cross earth-road.

The road network is improved and shortly will exist connection with all the villages of island. The communication with the southern side and the beaches becomes with boats. From the Kata'pola they begin the buses that cover the ways Kata'pola - Country - Monastery - Saintly ¢nnaTa itineraries are executed per one hour.
Two times the day it exists itinerary for the villages of Down Side. Finally, exists also itinerary for the Ajgja'li. You will find however taxi and shops that they rent mihana'kja.

Community 71257, Ljmenarhej'o 71259, GREEK TELECOME. 71251.

Exist hotels and rented rooms.

With ferympw't from Piraeus for Kata'pola and Ajgja'li (distance of 138 n.m. and 148 n.m. respectively). Dense itineraries all the Summertime, more thinly the Winter. Reach in 10 -11 hours. Kata'pola - Ajgja'li 50¥. Plirof.: Ljmenarhej'o Piraeus, Tel. 4226000.
With ferympw't from Rafina for Kata'pola. Dense itineraries all the year. Plirof.: Ljmenarhej'o Rafina (0294) 22300. In Rafina you reach easily in 1 hour with the KTEL from the Field of ¢rews. Plirof.: KTEL aci'nas 8210872.
With dolphin from Piraeus, Coast Kondy'li, dense itineraries all the Summertime, more thinly the Winter, for Ajgja'li in 7 hours and 50¥ and Kata'pola in 8 hours and 20¥. Plirof.: Pejraja' 4080211 -6.
With dolphin from Rafina dense itineraries all the Summertime, more thinly the Winter, for Ajgja'li in 6 hours and 15¥ and Kata'pola in 6 hours and 45¥. Plirof.: Agencies Piraeus 4283810, 4524861.

With ferympw't from Piraeus, connection all the Summertime with Naxos - Paros, with the line for Piraeus - Dodekanisa. With ferympw't from Piraeus for the islands Heraklions, I vibrated, Koyfoni'sja, Shoj-noy'sa, Naxos, Paros, Syra, Astypa'laja, all the year, with the line Paronaxj'as - Ci'ras.
With ferympw't from Rafina, connection only the summer months with Heraklions, Koyfoni'sja, Shojnoy'sa, Naxos, Paros, Mykonos, with the line Rafina - Western Cyclades.
With ferympw't the Winter connection with Heraklions, Koyfoni'sja, Shojnoy'sa, Naxos, Paros, Syra, with the line of Aegean.
With dolphin from Rafina, the Amorgos is connected all the year me Vibrated, Naxos, Paros, Syra, Heraklions, Koyfoni'sja, Shojnoy'sa, Mykonos, Santorini and Tino. Plirof.: Praktorej'o Ajgja'lis (0285) 71278, praktorej'o Kata'polwn (0285) 71256.
With dolphin from Piraeus connection all the year with Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Syra and Tino. Plirof.: praktorej'o Ajgja'lis (0285) 73308, praktorej'o Kata'polwn (0285) 71480.

The scattered ruins in all the island, as well as appreciable discoveries, certain by which they are found in the National Archaeological Museum, testify, that it was no simply lived by the proj!storjkoy's years, but also that it knew particular acne at the period of kykladjkoy' culture. Three were the independent cities that i'kmasan here at the antiquity. The Mjnw'a, the Arkesj'ni and the Ajgja'li. At the Byzantine Season (19th aj.) acquired her more important monument, the Monastery of Virgin Mary of Hozovjw'tjssas.

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