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Otrj'tos prefecture in extent and population from four Crete has a lot of natural beauties, golden sandy beaches, hamlets that keep the delivery, a lot of archaeological spaces, important commercial cultural centres with most excellent infrastructure for pleasant stay.Lasithi with his rich historical and cultural delivery is not famous therefore only for unique in Greece Fojnjko'dasos of Va'j, or plateau with the watermills.

He is a lot of known and as place of interruptions of policies our (Eloy'nta) for the cultural events "Latw'" that becomes the summertime with the attendance Greek and foreigner musical and dancing groups, with theatrical representations, reports of Cretan craftsmanship k.a'. the capital him the ¢gjos Nikolaos, but also Saint Fire, the Jera'petra and the My'rtos is xakoysta' in all the world and particularly in Europe, with result previously poor in other economic sources prefecture, that lost his residents, because the internal immigration and the search of residents him to zin in other parts, constitutes important capital of tourism for the island and country our.


Current cosmopolitan Saint Nikolaos, in nothing does not remind the small administrative and commercial centre of decade ' 60. does not have nothing zile'bej from ' any other Greek megalopolis, toynantj'on he has he opposes a splendid natural landscape that pulls the attention of visitor, from the any ostensible ugliness of modern pyknodomime'nis megalopolis.
Saint Nikolaos is built in the VD beach of graphic gulf of Mjrampe'loy, constitutes the ideal base of operations for the visitor, that wants ekdra'mej in the remainder points of prefecture and it returns in the comfort that offers the gnw'rjmo and familiar environment of urban centre. Separate picturesqueness in the city give baroka'jka, the boats and the tourist ships that synwstj'zontaj in the harbour, the houses built round the lake, that is found in her centre, the plako'strwti Kjtroplatej'a with baro-ma'gaza dj'pla in the sea. The city took her name from the homonym ekklisa'kj that is found in the northern department of current harbour. There was found a natural harbour that was used in the years of Venetian domination. Then the harbour was known as Porto di As Nicolo. The name of gulf is owed in the castle that e'htjsan there the Enetoj' the first years of possession. In the place of current city found itself the ancient city Latw' to Kama'ra, epj'nejo other city known as Latw' Other and that is placed, in the 13th km of street Ag. Nikolaos - Krjtsa' in the place Goyla's.

The Archaeological Museum, with discoveries from Eastern Crete. The lake, known and as Mantra'kj (closed harbour), that today is linked with djw'ryga with the sea. The fable says that in this lake made their bathroom the view Athina and the Artemis Vrjtoma'rtjs.The Folklore Museum in the ground floor of Ljmenarhej'oy, where you will see costumes, xylo'glypta, embroideries, yfanta', Byzantine pictures.

Perjdjava'zontas no one in full world of droma'kja city you will meet abundance of nightly centres, taverns, restaurants, ouzo selling restaurant, kaxete'rejs and cinemas. The city wears gjortjna' each year on 6 December, Saint Nikolaos. The change of time in Saint Nikolaos becomes in two boats. The one leaves symbolically and the other comes and shares gifts in the children. Easter the Resurrection and the burn of Joy'da become in platform in the centre of lake. The summertime, in July, are realised the cultural events Latw'. The Dekapentay'goysto deserve sees no one, the Cretan marriage in the Krjtsa'.

If you do not want to leave from the city you will swim in the municipal beach and in the ljmana'kj under the Kjtroplatej'a. The waters however it is not very clean and in the two cases. Cleaner beaches are in the Hava'nja and in Sand-da'ra.

Police 25221, Municipality 28286, GREEK TOURISTIC ORGANISATION 22357, GREEK TELECOME 28099, GREEK POST 22276, Hospital 25221.

Exist hotels and rented rooms – apartments.

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