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Onomo's Thessalonica with Chalkidiki they constitute the centre of Macedonia, assembling the interest of thousands of tourists each year not only from the abroad but also from all remainder Greece. Syndjasmo's the mountainous Macedonian ground, with the splendid beaches, the archaeological monuments and a history of thousands of years of many centuries where it has left her perfume in atmosphere, attract and magnitj'zoyn for always her visitors. It is offered for each type of interruptions that you prefer providing all the comforts, with big variety of choices in the entertainment, the spor and excursions.

Capital is mageytjki' Thessalonica, symprwteyoysa Greece and the second bigger commercial and intellectual centre. Even if pro'ekejte for a modern megalopolis, the city has conquered her own human laws and it functions autonomously. It constitutes passage for all the countries of world. The prefecture borders D. on the prefectures Imathia and Pella, B and V.A. on the prefectures Kilkis of also Serres, N.A. on Chalkidiki and is wetted N. from the Cermaj!ko' gulf and A. from the Strymonjko' gulf.


The «nymph of Thermaikou», the «Mother of the Peoples», the «Evgenestati», the «Kallisti», the «Archontisa Mediterranean», the «Eye of Greece», and «Theofylaktos» are the titles it had acquired the Macedonian media in this city over the centuries. Securities antikatroptizoun reality and have rightly identified with the city is magical. An eternal city surpassed the 2300 years of life. Built by Kassander, king of Macedonia and gave the name of his wife Thessaloniki, sister of Alexander the Great in 316 BC Beautiful city with Thermaic feet, and the White Tower to be proud to welcome of the harbor. Dentrofytemenoi wide roads, where there are right - left the old mansions with modern houses, large and rich market of today and the soft breeze that blows from the Thermaic always be elements of the character of the host Thessaloniki. The second largest city of Greece, the Macedonian capital and major port, everything is full of life, both inside the center and around it. It was not surprising that flourished from antiquity even in all areas, preparing for a city to become a large urban center. In addition to the many and varied attractions offered by the co, the county is known for its seaside resorts in the summer, not only are a magnet for residents of Macedonia, but also the rest of Greece. Areas with medicinal waters, and others with a climate suitable for therapeutic reasons, and the village Liti with some famous Anastenaria is only one of the attractions of the prefecture. The city itself, but also the surrounding areas offer a wealth of Byzantine, and ancient monuments. It is the city of history, legends, love, friendship, trade, and greater Conferences International Report. In Thessaloniki, which is the center of Northern Greece operated by the Ministry of Macedonia - Thrace, consulates, Greek and foreign banks. It lies 520 kilometers from Athens.

It is worth visiting
The White Tower (Tel: 267832): The trademark of Thessaloniki. Built in the 15th century or perhaps the first half of the 16th century by the Venetians. At the same time built the one of the Triangle, the NA angle of the Acropolis. Before the 15th century there were less common towers. Today is not so ... But white is always the symbol not only of Thessaloniki, but the whole of Macedonia. On the beach of the White Tower suggest you walk early in the afternoon between happy kids playing, cyclists, couples in love and people who reminisce last couple «old at the time».
The arch of Galeriou (Kamara): The Thessaloniki chose for the seat of the Roman emperor Galerios and built this triumphant arch 300 BC It is an imposing gate with rare relief, moderately affected by the weather, which tell in four overlaid zones performances of the Roman military victories against the Persians. The most ancient monument of this city, rises in the east end of the traces of ancient Egnatia Highway. A little more down to the pedestrian street of the square Navarino are the remnants of the palace of Galerou.
The Walls: Theodosius the Great built on and surrounding the whole city, from today's Republic Square as the Eptapyrgio and to the point where later built the White Tower. The two walls, the coastal and northern misokatastrafei have. But anticipated in history to save many occasions, not only the city but also throughout Byzantium. The Rotunda is the circular structure of the Roman period positioned in a symmetrical manner triumphant arch of Galeriou, with original purpose to be used as or Pandeo the Mausoleum. (Top of the 4th century. BC) Later on Theodosius the Great, became a Christian church after preceding additions and alterations. Expanded and decorated with beautiful mosaics, unique. It is now the church of St. George in the dome and there are forms of saints standing in an imaginary architectural decoration, delighting anaktoron that radiation from brilliance (Tel: 204414). Roman Forum (the forum of Roman) and Theater: The ruins are visible in today's square courts.
The Roman Loutrona Sozetai in the northern part of the church of St. Demetrius.
The Nymphaeum Elegant, monopetro, circular edifice. One of the tanks is now the chapel of St. John the Forerunner. It is really unbelievable how to coexist with each other as different buildings from the past that alternate with modern and, despite the disparity architecture, the image of the city continues to be harmonious. Although changing, manages to maintain the basic skeleton of history and the special cultural character. Hagia Sophia (8th century). The Cathedral of St. Sophia is perhaps the most impressive building of Byzantine Thessaloniki. This is a transitional type architecture of the basilica with a dome, to cross with a dome, with wonderful mosaics. In the courtyard of the temple shows the history of Thessaloniki after the area was previously recreation area, town or condolence, hospital, hostel, cafe, accommodation earthquake victims or refugees, asylum insolvent etc. Previously there was a cemetery, monastery, the place of fighting and torture, pyrofraktis and antiques store.
Aghios Dimitrios. In polioucho saint of Thessaloniki could only belong to one of the most beautiful churches of the East. Rich in mosaics and frescoes, real masterpieces, most of which are subjugated to the disastrous fire of 1917, resulting in 1948 to be restored on the original architectural plan. The temple is built on Roman baths and chills caused by the large picture of St between the foundations that «survived» almost intact in the middle of ruins.

is the most eastern part of loutrona where he was detained and martyrise tafike Saint Dimitrios.
The Acheiropoiito (5th century AD.) Great Early Christian church with a preponderance of the royal architectural shape and mosaics amazing beauty and color harmony (street of St. Sophia).
The Holy Virgin of Copper (red church) stafrikos Temple, from the most elegant Byzantine monuments, was built in 1028 AD sozomeni according to legend. Very interesting mosaics and ceramics decoration. Osio Aafid or the Monastery Latomou Near Eptapyrgio, in one of the narrow
Upper City is the Early Christian church of Saint David, frescoed by the end of the 5th century. AD In the arch sacral saved the mosaic-known in the presentation of Christ among the prophets. St. Catherine (13th century). With well-preserved its external form, contains inside of frescoes.
Apostalous the Saints (14th century). Cruciform church with a dome and rich outdoor furniture, mosaics and frescoes, is a characteristic example of the era of Paleologos. The last period of Byzantine art has led to a large boom and Thessaloniki experienced new edge. Monastery Vlattadon. Located in Upper Town. It is known for the unique "universal founding fathers Studies operating here. The catholic church is cruciform with a dome of the 14th century. And the format has changed much since built.
Aghios Nikolaos Orphan of the 14th century. with rich frescoes. The Prophet Elias Built in 1360 on the ruins of a Byzantine palace by the monk Makarios Choumno. The Turkish Alatza Imares or Isak Pasha Mosque (Tel: 278587) The poet Nazim Chikmet, who lived in Upper Town, described as a mosque with many domes that kaleidoscopic minaret was «like breeches of kagkelofrydis Gypsies us all morning at home fresh eggs ». Today serves as visual arts center. The Geni Hamam. To the Turkish hammam operates today Egli hosting artists of workmanlike song.
The Geni Mosque (Tel: 854317) operates as a visual arts center, and Bei Chamza Mosque, Pasha Chamani, the Giachounti Hamam, the famous Turkish Bezesteni and fountain. The Metabyzantine period has also left several churches in Thessaloniki. Through the churches, which are the most important monuments of the city may rum to follow the evolution of Byzantine Art.

Archaeological. Chanth Square, tel 830538. Exhibits from the ancient, classical and Roman times and in a special wing, presented the impressive and unique findings of Vergina.
Folklore - Ethnological Olgas 68, tel: 830591. Exhibits covering the last 250 years of our national life, including very interesting traditional costumes. All nobility of the 18th and 19th century. Macedonian Struggle Museum. Consul Koromilas 23 - Hagia Sophia, tel: 229778 exhibits with the years 1878-1912. White Tower Museum. White Tower, Tel: 267832. The period from 300 AD until 1430 is presented in this museum illustrates the history and art of Byzantine Thessaloniki.
Center of Natural History. Karmpola 8, tel: 228414.
Palaeontological Museum within the University.
Museum Kryptis St. Demetrius.
St. Demetrios Church, tel: 270008. Cultural Center of Northern Greece.
Olgas 108, tel: 834404, 820240. Technical Museum of Thessaloniki. Industrial area of Thessaloniki (VI. IP. THE.) 2nd Street, Building 47, tel: 799773. The Technical Museum of Thessaloniki promote awareness and training, particularly among young people, on issues of technology. The program includes, in addition to the operation of the showroom, parallel events such as conferences, exhibitions, organization of technical groups, polytheama and competitions. Society for Macedonian Studies. N.. German 1 in building the State Theater of Northern Greece, tel: 238601. Important Tables Greek and foreign painters.
Municipal Gallery. Olgas 162, tel: 425531.
Macedonian Center for Contemporary Art.
Egnatia 154, tel: 239221. Vafopouleio Cultural Center. C. Ni --
kolai'di 3 - G. Papandreou, Tel: 424.132-3.
Vellidio Cultural Center Tsimiski 77, 265,201.
Libraries. The library of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is one of the largest if not the largest in the Balkans. The Library Company of Macedonian Studies. The Municipal Library, which has branches in all neighborhoods of the city, the library of the monastery swamp. Several notable and, in particular special interest, are in museums and other institutions as well as in private collections.
In a city where art is a necessity as important as the air they breathe the inhabitants of, become increasingly artistic exhibitions and happenings in galleries or other places. Regardless of the object (painting, sculpture, photography, jewelry, indoor construction, etc.) voreioelladites artists always manage to give their position in a completely innovative way. Also important are two conservatories, the State Theater, the State Orchestra, the Foundation for Balkan Studies, the founding fathers universal Studies, the University Institutes and the Macedonian News Agency.

Thessaloniki is the spirit of men and arts, entertainment and good food. In 1997 the Thessaloniki was a very important year that highlighted the high spirit and history of the country once held «European Capital of Culture 1997».
In the city there is the National Theater of Northern Greece, who hosted Participation in the Chamber of Macedonian Studies. Often visited and the provinces with a selected repertoire. The Thessalonians are famous for their harsh criticism. The State Theater has three scenes, operating simultaneously with the experimental stage of the Macedonian Art Company «Art» who has given a high-level work in the cultural life of the city. Significant presence is the Forest Theater, as they say, summer, in Kendrino hill, which is offered in addition to the theater for concerts and ballets, etc. Even the small summer theater in the park of the YMCA, which hosted theatrical various shapes and especially what are the theatrical celebrations, involving teams from throughout the country.
School and also operates the State Theater. Operates State Conservatory, in addition to private. The State Orchestra is known from the monumental concerts. In the center and operate cinemas in neighborhoods summer and winter. But Thessaloniki is the city of entertainment. Here you'll find without considerable effort and information, walking the town, taverns, restaurants, small koutoykakia, piano bar, to enjoy the famous Macedonian cuisine with fresh fish delicacies and the influence of the East. Do not forget to go to the tower of OTE for coffee, where the floor turns, so you have from high global view of the city. For longer exits operate many stylish bars and clubs, with music for all tastes and fun until the morning. But we must not lose a night in the Mylo. In six years of the managed-not-unfairly as a benchmark for Thessaloniki. The smart idea to transform the depressed industrial region until then FIX in the multi entertainment, it seems that scored. The area suffered imaginative architectural intervention and the Thessalonians not disappointed ever. In this special shaped space vibrant and fun addition to the bars where you can go, and given concerts not only by Greek artists, but also by very large names in world music Heaven, (Tel: 516945) The most daring and gambler can try their luck at the Casino in Thessaloniki in the area of the airport. With great religious devoutness celebrated the patron saint of the city Agios Dimitrios. In «Dimitria» lasting two months in October - November made many and varied cultural events.
The Thessaloniki end is centered in the world each September with the established International HELEXPO, which began operating from
1926. It is famous not only as a large shopping center, as well as
also large Cultural Center. So apart from the world view the latest technology products can be attended film festival, Young Artists, dance bands, light song and diverse events as they HELEXPO life as a factor of Thessaloniki. Throughout the years the business primarily interest and concern, also, industry reports such as:
KOSMIMA etc. which organizes the TIF

After making a trip to see the sights of the city should spend at least a day to spend and from the markets of Thessaloniki. In its core domoic will find fine displays, shops, boutiques, fashion and rich collections in all types. Noteworthy is the market in the Stoa Carasso and just below is another booming market in Bezesteni. Is the famous food markets, with the largest market Modiano. Do not forget to visit the Bakirtzidika of Thessaloniki, onto Copper, to buy or chazepsete copper in all its forms and uses. Another view of Thessaloniki is the Vardaris with the old buildings, the popular emporomagaza and entertainment centers. In areas notorious Touba and Kalamaria - most refugee settlements - still dominate the signs of the years between the wars. Must be the walk in Upper City - Byzantine Walls - which is the highest and the northern part of the old residential heart of Thessaloniki with features samples Balkan architecture. Dominated by stone, wood and bricks which makes the environment very familiar to visitors and in addition there is a strong sense of «local» and a lifestyle quite different, © a walk in Ruins, will magefteite from the views of the city that are the same shocking day and night and is likely to draw some ouzeri or KOUTOUKI for mydopilafo, saganaki and music fagot. If it is Sunday, your children will appreciate very much a walk on the hill where Seich You can freely enjoy the game.
But the jewel is the Panorama of Thessaloniki. Says the same name: Panorama ... The most expensive area of the city, with villas that go beyond the imagination, with clean air, with views across the city and the famous Panorama triangles, with fresh leaf, syrup and cream will certainly try (Tip: take for the house. ..). And because the swim in the sea is directly related to the summer vacation in Greece in Thessaloniki are organized beach of EOT. Specifically in Côte Thermaikou, Agia Triada (27 mm). It has cabins, bars, Self service, supermarket, restaurant, playground, tennis and volleyball Info. (0392) 51360, in Thessaloniki Marina (EOT) Info. 44,594. Also for swimming will go to all villages along the sea kordelas as the Halkidiki. The Thessaloniki also has a large number of football stadiums and basketball and tennis, with the largest and most Palais - de - Sports in the TIF. Operate three large swimming pools for both athletes and the public. It has two groups of sailors where you can enjoy the sport of the sea. Sailing Club Info. 830939, Nautical Club Info. 414,521. And there are several tennis courts both within the city and in the proasteia. Also there are several equestrian clubs for fans riding. Slopes for winter skiing there are over shorter distances. But a good idea among the other sports is walking. Particularly provocative is the city beach for a walk. Long or near the road is always a romantic side at sea. You can also enjoy walks in the woods of Kerdinou hill, which operates and zoo.

Thermi: 269,853 Lagada: (0394) -22,488 Sourotis: (0396) -41,437.

The Thessaloniki of Greece is a crossroads for Europe.
Here is one of the safest airports in Europe «Macedonia», with scheduled air transport services and dense on the mainland and abroad. The summer is typical charter operation arrivals from all over Europe and America.
Since 1960, and operates railway station, connecting Thessaloniki and the rest of Greece with all the European network. Located in the Vardariou. Therein lies and the old railway station has its own history. On this farewell forever town Jews in 1943.
Important is the port which is always great movement and has considerable commercial development. Merchant ships from around the world, large cruise ships and passenger ferries and Flying Dolphins carrying thousands of passengers to the famous Greek islands.
Finally there is a very good road building and the KTEL buses will be able to visit most areas prefecture and the largest city of Greece.
There are also taxis for traveling, and several shops that rent cars and motorbikes.

519,547 police, Municipality 238321-2, 286702-3, First Aid 106, Tourist Police 544162, 531506 Port Authority, Traffic 521528, 473720 Airport, ELTA 277434, EOT 222935, 271888, Marina EOT Thessaloniki 426,261, OSE 517517, 214900 Taxi, 217218, 511855, Bank of Macedonia-Thrace
534,371, 236,533 Rural, National 538,621, Egnatia 252,033, 532,221 Commercial, Credit 514,914, 282,762 Greek Postal Savings Bank.

There are hotels and rented rooms - apartments.
In Thessaloniki also operated and managed campsite.


It abstains 80hlm. from Thessalonica, and has 15.000 residents. It is coastal settlement and attracts very big number paracerjstw'n from all Greece, mainly however Cessalonjkej's.

Exist taverns, restaurants, kafete'-rejes, mpara'kja and centres of amusement with variety of music. Panigy'rj becomes the Saint Gewrgj'oy on 23 April.

You will swim in the extensive and clean beach of settlement.

Community 24172, First Aids 23512, Police 22010, GREEK TELECOME 22999.

Exist hotels and rented rooms - apartments that you will find in the end of region. Functioning camping.


Village mountainous 30hlm. from Thessalonica. Number of residents roughly 2.600. In erjohi' have been located three ancient settlements.

Community 51220, First Aids 41300, Police 41203.


Natural beauty, graphic traditional settlement. It abstains 60hlm. from Thessalonica and has 1.400 residents. It is crossed by the river Ry'hjo and has rich vegetation.

Community 51220, First Aids 41300, Police 41203.


In the heart of coastal area of Strymonjkoy' of gulf are found the graphic Vrasna', that constitute one from the more important tourist centres of Thessalonica, where syndja'zej traditional with new. It constitutes pole of attraction of tourists because syndja'zejvoy-no' and sea. From the one the traditional settlement with the infrequent architectural structure of houses, skarfalwme'nos in their foot of mountain and from the other the new settlement, the New Vrasna', that unfold at length of beach. It abstains 80 km from Thessalonica.

Existing barbecues, barotave'rnes, restaurants, refreshment stands, kafete'rejes, mpara'kja and centres of amusement. At the duration of summertime become various cultural events that are organised by the community, while panigy'rja they become on 21 May, Konstantinos and Helen and the Virgin Mary the Dekapentay'goysto.

You will swim in splendid and clean with the bjli' sandy beach of new settlement.

Community 22308, First Aids 24777, Police 22010, GREEK POST 22401.

Exist rented rooms - apartments.


Coastal suburb of Thessalonica abstains roughly 5hlm. from the city.

The Church of Saint Nikolaos, that htj'stike 1835.

In June are realised the events "Marine beads", with a lot of dance and song.

For koly'mpj you will go to the beaches outside from the Epanwmi'.

Community 41288, First Aids 42222, Police 41440, GREEK TELECOME 41740.

Exist rented rooms - apartments. Functions camping.


It abstains 21 km from Thessalonica and is found in the V.A. of plain of Lagkada' near in the homonym lake.

The Monasteries of Saint Trinity and Saint Gavra'.
LOCAL DRIVER Each year on 21 May, in the feast of Saint Mrs/mind and Helen revive the Anastena'rja, the custom where the Anastena'rides walk on turned on fire without they are burned.

You will go without fail to the park of Lagkada', where experienced and artists gardeners with big imagination, have given in the trees and the bushes forms from real objects, as it would be a krevvatoka'mara, dining room k.a'. Also you will make excursion in the lake of Lagkada' where functions centre of rowing. Finally it deserves you outside go from the Lagkada' and to distance of 30 km Here to see a curious phenomenon, where a line from rocks they have existed you will corrode, in such a way that they have taken human form, portraying a procession of marriage.

Abstain 2 lm. from her city and are suitable for neuropathies, reymatjsmoy's and arcrjtjka'. Plirof. Di'mos Lagkada' 22318.

Municipality 22318, First Aids 23371, Police 22333, GREEK TELECOME 22999.

Exist hotels and rented rooms – apartments.


Near in the lake of Vo'lvis in distance of 56 km from Thessalonica it is found New Apollwnj'a with 1.500 residents.

Panigy'rja they become the prophet Ilj'a on 20 July, and the Saint Apostles on 29 June.

They function alkaline cejopigi' and one lightly alkaline cejopigi'. And the two are suitable for neuropathies, reymatjsmoy's and arcrjtjka'.

Community 41309, First Aids 41209, Police 41202, GREEK TELECOME 41270.

Exist hotels and rented rooms – apartments.


Coastal city of Cermaj!koy' of gulf and piscatorial centre of region. It abstains 27 km from Thessalonica with population roughly 4.000 residents.

The ancient cemetery that it has anaskafcej' in the settlement. The traces of arhaj'as city Aj'neja.

You will enjoy fresh fish and marine nostjmje's in the taverna'nkja and restaurants. Panigy'rj becomes paramone's the Virgin Mary in 22 - 23 August.

For koly'mpj you will go to the beaches round the settlement.

Community 31210, First Aids 32500, Police 31220, GREEK TELECOME 31650.

Exist rented rooms - apartments.


It abstains 18 km from Thessalonica. It is a graphic coastal settlement with 1.000 residents.

Exist taverns and cafeterias. It deserves you watch events as theatre, concerts k.a'. in July that becomes "Epjvatjana'". Panigy'rj becomes also on 14 October of Saint Friday.

For koly'mpj you will go to the beach of settlement.

Community 22341, First Aids 24300, Police 22204, GREEK TELECOME 24888.

Exist hotels and rented rooms – apartments.


Quiet seasonal centre with big and aplwti' beach, that protejmoy'n even the residents of Thessalonica in order to build their rural residences. Is "drowned" in the green in in the heart of Peasant. It abstains 11,5 km from Thessalonica and has population roughly 4.500 residents.

At length of beach but also in kata'fyta stena'kja the Peraj'as exist taverns, cafeterias, and mpara'kja with beautiful decoration and a lot of mirth. Panigy'rj becomes on 6 August of Savior, while interest presents the report of painting from the 3 -11 August.

You will swim in the ammw'di beach of region. Also it deserves you go to the locality Platana'kja, a ype'rhohi region with plata'nja and running waters. In the Peasant exists also shelter.

Community 22368, First Aids 22040, GREEK TELECOME 25599.

Exist hotels and rented rooms – apartments.


In distance 80 roughly km from Thessalonica, with the beautiful open and katapra'sjni beach is found the Cross. We have developed today the bigger tourist resort of Macedonia, with possibility fjloxenej'as 50.000 paracerjstw'n.

A big number from restaurants of each category, barbecues, taverns, bara'djka, coastally ste'kja, ouzo selling restaurant, katfete'rjes, bar, refreshment stands, confectioneries, and parodosjaka' coffee, to you offer a widest variety for food and amusement.

You will swim in the beautiful open and katapra'sjni beach of Cross, that each year is rewarded with the honorary discrimination of "Light blue Flag of" European Union, and the golden sandy beach. You might also be glad the games of sea. You will go however without fail to the "Platanajw'na of" Cross with yperajwno'vja plata'nja to a space of 60 acres in to the settlement, where apart from pjk - njk that you can you make under the shade of trees, that it is accompanied by the song of birds and the klaboy'rjsma of sea, they exist athletic installations and children's charms.

Community 61217,.61500, First Aids 61567, Police 61309, Harbour Station 61280, GREEK TELECOME 61999.

Exist hotels and rented rooms - apartments that you will find in the end of region.

With plane Olympic from Athens in 50 thinly. Are executed daily flights all the time. Plirof. Olympic Airways Athens 9363363, OLYMPIC AIRWAYS Thessalonica (031) 260121-9.
With bus of KTEL from Athens in 7 hours. Plirof. KTEL Attica 5148856, (Kifjssoy' 100), KTEL Thessalonica (031) 545302-3. With train from Athens. Plirof. THOSE WHO Athens 5240646.
With boat from Piraeus in 33 hours, and from Volos only the summertime. Plirof. Ljmenarhej'o cessalonj'kis (031) 531504-5.

With plane Thessalonica is connected with Athens, Ioanninas, Chania, the Heraklion, the Lesvos, Limnos, Rhodes and the summertime with Skiathos, as well as with a lot of countries of world. Olympic Aeoroporj'a, Koyntoyrjw'toy 3, Plirof. 281880,.230240,.473720, 473977. the airport "MACEDONIA" is found 16 hjljom. outside from the city.
With train THOSE WHO it connects Thessalonica with Athens with very regular itineraries - between these the trains of quality that have decreased the time in 6 roughly hours. The network THOSE WHO him it connects also also with a lot of other cities. Plirof.: Ihografime'nes information on trains 145 Office ejsitirj'wn and tourism 276382 Information of itineraries of trains 517517,.518518
With bus are realised long distance itineraries to Athens and the mainer cities of Greece. Plirof. KTEL Thessalonica 924444. With boat Thessalonica is connected with the islands Limnos, Lesvos, Chios all the time and the summertime with Sporades, the Dodekanisa and the Cyclades. Plirof. Central Ljmenarhej'o Thessalonica 531505, 531501.
Taxi. Plirof. Urban company radjotaxj' for all Thessalonica 214900, Eastern sector (White Tower - airport) 521733, Western sector (White
Tower - Sj'ndos) 517417.

BWNJSETE Exists enormous and modern market for all the types.

The Cessalonjkej's are famous for their taste in the cooker. Between the with-me-raklj'dikwn titbits that you will try not you forget the seafoods, the triangles of Panorama and loykoyma'des the Asprova'ltas.

Hortja'tis (1000 m.) Plirof. S.E.O. Cess of/victory, 031-224710, Olympus (Plateau Monsoon, 2720 m.) Plirof. EOS Cess of/victory, Olympus (Cross, 930 m.) Plirof. EOS. Cess of/victory 031-278288, Ve'rmjo (Se'lj, 1450 m). Functions also dance floor for ski. Plirof. EOS. Cess of/victory 031-278288

Delta Worthy - Loydj'a – Alja'kmona (in the prefectures Thessalonica-Pieria). A multiple ecosystem of rivers delta with extensive almyro'vatoys and important populations of aquatic winter.
Lakes Vo'lvi - Korw'neja. Pelicans and various barofa'ga aquatic birds live in these lakes that are essential for their survival and have extensive reeds thicket.

If you have ship you will tie up in Marina of Thessalonica of GREEK TOURISTIC ORGANISATION. It is found in New Kri'ni with possibility of eljmenjsmoy' 250 ships, and station of supply, and in Marina of Kalamarja's.

Thessalonica can pride because she is one from the minimal cities of Europe that function as urban centre for more from 2.300 hro'nja. It is founded the 315 p.H. from the Ka'ssandro, general of Big Alexandros and following successor in the throne, which is wedded the first girl of king Philippos and gives the name of his woman in the city that builds. Thus is given birth the state that j'!melle becomes the intellectual and administrative centre of Northern Greece. It was epj'nejo Pella, capital, then, Macedonia. Afterwards the battle of Py'dnas, 168 p.H. Macedonia became rwmaj!ki' province and Thessalonica capital of one from her four departments. It maintained her importance at the duration of rwmaj!ki's period, while in the Byzantine years they were essential symvasjley'oysa the second more important city afterwards Istamboul. Byzantine Thessalonica, love of kings of City, knew separate blossoming and was tryed many times by enemies. Her vital geographic place, the wealth and her prosperity stirred always the greed of barbarians. The Sarakinoj' pirates kyrj'eysan and leila'tisan in the 904, in order to follow in 1185 the Normen, in 1204 the Fra'gkoj, afterwards the Venetians and in 1430 began the long-lasting Ottoman slavery that kept up to the release of city in November 1912. After each crasy' intruder Thessalonica gathers her pieces and makes new beginning. Big capital in the history of Macedonia, and of course Thessalonica existed Big Alexandros.

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