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Evrytania capital of the prefecture, built at the foot of Tymfristou, at an altitude of 960 meters in Kapernisi will amaze you with the astonishing beauty, which will xanasynastisete paromooia difficult. The clean air, healthy dry climate, the trees, the fir trees and chestnut, do Kapernisi ideal place for winter or summer vacation. From the main features of the city are chalkourgeia, where handmade bells animals. The noise testing is a picturesque and melodic at the reception.
In Karpenissi time stops, the clocks are useless and tensions in the city almost lose their meaning. In marmarostroti square will taste the «athanto water» the lion and xapostasete in the shade of renowned Geroplatanos. Karpenissi first built in Byzantine times and over history the city has lived through many disasters by Turks, and German Arvanites. In the 18th century. worked here the famous school of Evgeniou Giannoulis Aetolos and later formed the base kleftarmatolon for the liberation of the rest of Greece. There are many versions about the origin of the name, with most saying that it comes from the number of maple that existed in the region during the advent of the first settlers who forced them to call in their own language «Carpen - isu» which means maple and Carpen isu mean place. It lies 293 kilometers from Athens with 10,000 residents.

Mark of the andrianta Botsari set up in 1925, in an area full of trees and cold water. The Church of Agia Triada, with the notable pictures. LOCAL GUIDE
Here you will enjoy traditional glentia with kokoretsi, baked and genuine local wine, in taverns and barbecues, while in the lanes will find bars and entertainment centers with music for all tastes. In the summer from mid July to mid August conducted cultural events and «Festivities Forest and the Democratic Tradition» including theatrical performances, concerts, photo exhibitions and various other artistic activities, which cause concern and its neighboring prefectures. Important event for the city is the fair starting on July 27 and lasts five days. Very active in cultural activities developed by the Municipal Culture and Business Development of Kastoria, with the very worthwhile efforts.

Karpenissi offered for calm and for the favorite sports in nature. West of the city after passing the square Katsantoni will reach KEFALOVRYSO great location between the trees, where the trout farm, fish that you can enjoy the tavernas in the region. It is also worth to ascend of Aghios Dimitrios reason, the dream view of the entire Karpenissi, and Velouchi top that appears to safeguard the city embraces. North of the city and at a distance of 11 km, located in the Ski Center Velouchioy. The slopes are located at an altitude of 1813 - 2,000 m,,. Chalets and there is at an altitude of 1840 m. If you are a friend of intense action and adventure, you will «raftigk» - descent by boat - in Acheloos in Trikerioti and Tafropo river. You can also «take oar» in calm waters of Lake Kremasta, while off the Evrytania rivers are ideal for lovers of the kayak.

With the KTEL buses from Karpenissi will go in most villages of Evritania as Agios Nikolaos, Krikelo, Domnista, Korischades, Klafsi, Small - Large Village, Anchovies, Upper guests, Kerasohori,
Viviani, West - East FRAGKISTA, Fterolakka, TRIPOTAMO, hold Palaiokatouna. Voulpi, Limeri, Granitsa, Lithochori RAPTOPOULO, Gorgianades. There are taxis.

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