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At the foot of Mount Parnassos and at an altitude of 940 m. This is the picturesque town of Viotia. It is a passage for Delphi, the ski slopes of Mount Parnassos and the main place of residence for skiers. But the preference for an excursion, especially in winter, many visitors for its beauty, the narrow alleys of the stone houses of the brousko wine, the beautiful woven and the excellent view over the plain.

It lies 35 km from Livadia and has approximately 3,000 residents. It is worth visiting the bust of Karaiskaki, which will meet at the entrance to the city. The Byzantine Church of Agios Georgios.
The Kirykeio Andron, or Satantafli, the cave with stalactites and stalagmites, which is located 10 km from the Arachova. It was dedicated to Pan and NYMPHES.

Cosmopolitan village that is characterized by lively nightlife offered. We enjoy savory snacks, baked, good food and wine at taverns and restaurants. Drink your coffee in front of the snowy landscape in winter and the summer flowering nature, while the evening will xefantosete to any of the bars or entertainment centers. If you Arachova in the spring, do not miss the great feast made on the feast of St. George, on 23 April. The events run for three days and in these include the race of old, dressed in local costumes. On the second day are sports games and the last followed by roast lamb feast. Also on the same day and celebrated the victory of the Karaiskaki, which destroyed the army of Mustafa-Bei.

Of course, for Arachova will make trips to the Parnassos, to visit the ski center, or you ski or to enjoy the landscape from the warmth of the chalets. Facilities are in place Kelaria, at an altitude of 1650 - 2250 m and 23 km away from the Arachova. In Fterolakka position, at an altitude of 1,800 -2,100 m, 27 km from Arachova and box Gerontovrachos, at an altitude of 1900 - 2360 m 15 km from the Arachova.
Also, shelter for those who love climbing Sarantari is in place, at an altitude of 1900 m.
But you deserve to be in nature tours and to visit the Livadia area, 5 km from Arachova.

Will arrive by bus from the KTEL of Livadia. It also carried out and services directly from Athens.

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